Tripwire issue 12



featuring Mercedes Eng * Anahita Jamali Rad * Amy De’Ath * Cecily Nicholson * Danielle LaFrance * ryan fitzpatrick * Roger Farr * Sonnet L’Abbe * Phinder Dulai * Jordan Abel * Rita Wong * Stephen Collis * Andrea Creamer * Fred Wah * Jeff Derksen * Christine Leclerc * Carolyn Richard * Donato Mancini * Renée Sarojini Saklikar * Lawrence Ytzhak Braithwaite * Tiziana La Melia & Vanessa Disler * Danielle Lafrance & Anahita Jamali Rad on About a BicycleNatalie Knight on Cecily Nicholson * Jules Boykoff on Mercedes Eng * Gregory Betts on Lisa Robertson * Louis Cabri on Catriona Strang * Deanna Fong on Jordan Scott * Rob McClennan & Julia Polyck-O’Neill on Jordan Abel * Cameron Scott on Colin Smith, plus a special Peter Culley tribute, with work from Peter & Elisa Ferrari * Colin Smith * Rolf Maurer * George Bowering * Lisa Robertson * Chris Nealon * Lee Ann Brown * Stephen Collis * Jonathan Skinner. Cover by Andrea Creamer. 300+ pages. $15


Also: for the month of January, I’m running a special, with all proceeds going to the Bay Area AntiRepression Committee. Get issues 10 (CAConrad feature), 11(¡POP!), & 12 for $30 (plus shipping). That’s close to 1000 pages of new writing! Details at

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