Peter Manson Symposium

27 October – 28 October, University of Glasgow University Avenue, Glasgow, G12 8QQ .

The first symposium dedicated to Peter Manson’s work, a carnival of epistemophilia, pareidolia and paranoia, deciphering and decoding, as we reckon with the Manson panoply. An evening of poetry (27/10) by poets, friends and accomplices, including Linus Slug, Nat Raha, Nick-e Melville, Jow Lindsay, Sarah Hayden and Holly Pester, precedes the symposium (28/10), which closes with a reading by Peter Manson.

Please send abstracts of c.250 words to by the 31st May, 2017. Full details here.

Alan Halsey: Selected Poems 1988-2016

Selected Poems 1988-2016 focuses on Alan Halsey’s longer poems from the period and brings together the previously scattered sequences Ars Poetica, Tracks & Tracts of the Lizopard, A Looking-Glass for Logoclasts and Latin for Today: The Sequel. It includes some revised and expanded texts such as the John Dee libretto Loagaeth alongside poems written since Rampant Inertia, published by Shearsman in 2014.