Blackbox Manifold Issue 16

Matthew Carbery; Imogen Cassels; Adam Hampton; Lewis Haubus; Tom Jenks; Kent MacCarter; Amy McCauley; James Midgley; Peter Mishler; Simon Perchik; Stuart Pickford; Sam Riviere; Iain Rowley; Ian Seed; Afshan Shafi; Rachel Sills; Dale Smith; David Spittle; Catherine Vidler; Corey Wakeling; John Welch. Online now.

House of Mouse by Prudence Chamberlain & SJ Fowler


Discursive, playful, obscene and satirical, The House of Mouse is a collection of ten poetic collaborations written by British poets SJ Fowler and Prudence Chamberlain – each responding to a famed cartoon, each uncovering the bizarre overt and covert symbols and signs of these pervasive animations.

Dotted with original illustrations by contemporary artists like Lizzy Stewart and Duncan Marchbank, this unique collaborative collection aims to show that maybe the only thing stranger than corporate cartoon animals is avant-garde poetry.

To be launched as part of The Poetry School Camarade on July 17th 2016 at Rich Mix and The CapLet 1st year anniversary reading on August 10th at St Margaret’s House, both near Bethnal Green.

Out now on Knives Forks and Spoons.

The Start of Sentences

James Davies’ experiences of reading Robert Grenier’s Sentences in Bury’s Text Art Archive:

I don’t want to go into individual poems so much here as to explain the joy of reading Sentences as archived material, in the archive, and the processes of reading the poems in accordance with the way Sentences is catalogued. The copy of Sentences at Bury, “The Bury Sentences” as I now call it, is a like a “bootleg” record — just as cool as the original but with minor differences to interest the aficionado. I’ll explain why.

LINK for more.

Datableed 4.0

Out now, featuring Zoë Skoulding; Wendy Mulford; Daniel Falb; Linda Russo; Martha Mccullough; Daniel Eltringham; Joyce Chong; Parveen & Sandeep Parmar; Ali Znaidi; Meg Foulkes; Ed Luker; Gillian Lee; Molly Beale; Sammi Gale; Rachel Sills; Dan Barrow; Rob Holloway; Khairani Barokka; Colin Lee Marshall; Dorothy Lehane & Matthew Bourne; Beatriz Garcia; Aodán Mccardle; Jazmine Linklater; Nathan Jones; Andrew Taylor