Michael Heller, Jeff Hilson, Redell Olsen reading in London

FRIDAY, 10 March

Poetry Reading

Michael Heller, Jeff Hilson, Redell Olsen

Michael Heller has, for many decades, been an important American poet and critic. In 1985 he established himself as an expert on the Objectivist poets with his book, Convictions Net of Branches, and he has subsequently published separate works on George Oppen and Carl Rakosi. His critical work has also addressed contemporary avant-garde poetry, Jewish and post-Holocaust poetry and poetics. He published Uncertain Poetries (2005), a collection of essays on twentieth-century poetry. His own poetry has been widely published and collected in Exigent Futures: New and Selected Poems (Salt, 2003) and This Constellation is a Name: Collected Poems 1965-2010 (Nightboat Books, 2012).

Jeff Hilson has been a prominent figure in London poetry since the 1980s. His publications include stretchers (Reality Street, 2006), Bird Bird (Landfill, 2009) and In the Assarts (Veer, 2010). He edited The Reality Street Book of Sonnets (Reality Street, 2008) and runs the reading series Xing the Line. He teaches at the University of Roehampton.

Redell Olsen is a poet and visual artist whose work includes performance, writing and installed texts. Her recent publications include Secure Portable Space (Reality Street, 2004), Punk Faun (Subpress Books, 2012) and Film Poems (Les Figues, 2014). She was, for many years, the editor of the influential online journal HOW2 (How2journal.com), which promotes modernist and contemporary innovative poetry by women. She was Judith E. Wilson Fellow at Cambridge for 2013-14, and she is Professor of Poetry and Poetics at Royal Holloway.

7.00-8.45     11 Bedford Square, London WC1          


Flights # 1



7-9.30pm, doors & book tables from 6.30pm

& more t.b.a.


£5 waged, free entry unwaged. All welcome. RSVP via Eventbrite

Flights is an occasional event series of poetry and performance, emphasising the work of female-identified poets, performers, and artists. The series programming is guided by the principle of inclusivity.

Flights #1 will take place on 7 March 2017 at the Horse Hospital in Bloomsbury, London, on the evening before International Women’s Day.



Zarf presents – uziell, Ramayya, Sparrow

zarfreadings by L.Uziell, Nisha Ramayya and Vicky Sparrow

7pm, 11th March 2016

Wharf Chambers (Middle Floor), Wharf Street, Leeds

FREE but donations for poet costs are welcome and there will be a book & zine table!

About the poets:

Nisha Ramayya’s pamphlets Notes on Sanskrit (2015) and Correspondences (2016) are published by Oystercatcher Press. Her work can be found in DatableedLitmus, and Zarf. She teaches English and Creative Writing at Royal Holloway, University of London and the University of Kent, and is a member of the Race & Poetry& Poetics in the UK research group.

Vicky Sparrow is completing a PhD on the poet-activist Anna Mendelssohn at Birkbeck, University of London. Her writing can be found in datableedKakaniaLitmus, Intercapillary Space and the Literateur. Her first pamphlet Notes to Selves is published by Zarf.

l.uziell is a person from the north who occasionally writes poetry but mainly despairs and reads poetry. Fuck the police.

NOTE: Wharf Chambers is a members’ co-operative, You do not need to be a member or guest of a member to attend this event UNLESS you wish to buy things the bar. Joining is £1, takes 48hrs to process and is very much encouraged. http://www.wharfchambers.org/membership/

Nathan Jones at Club Big, Home theatre, Manchester

Club Big: Feb 10 2017

At the centre of John Hyatt: Rock Art is Club Big, a fully kitted-out pop-up music club. John Hyatt is your magical master of ceremonies, introducing the best breakthrough live music and performance every Friday from 18:00 – 21:00. Hosting bands, soloists, the supernatural and the dramatic and featuring the Club Big House Band (provided by Cacophany Arkestra), our host Anastasia, and fully licensed bar. All events are free to attend.

Our line-up for Friday Feb 10 is:

Danielle Swindells: The Ashleigh Hotel

A short documentary filmed inside of The Ashleigh Hotel, once a seaside guesthouse hosting “bucket and spade” holiday-goers. It closed its doors to the public in 1982 to become a House of Multiple Occupation; now a permanent home to a group of Blackpool residents estranged from their social networks. The site was visited alone by the filmmaker over a period of five weeks and is a response to the exilic position of its residents.

Nathan Jones

Nathan Jones performs from his traumatictime series, based on two statements by Rosi Braidotti: “language is compressing, cracking under the weight of the anthropocene” and “post truth is the white male body cracking under the pressure of its own lies”. What are these cracks and what leaks out from them? poems.

Nathan is a poet and artist based in Liverpool. He teaches art writing at Liverpool John Moores University and is REID funded cross disciplinary scholar at Royal Holloway University of London. His work has recently featured on programmes at Foundation for Art and Creative Technology (FACT) in Liverpool, Transmediale in Berlin and Parasol in London. His essay/poetry pamphlet A Cloud of Birds Also Formlessly Flocking on Top of a Lake is published by Dock Road Press, and his journalism and poetry can be found on new media blog Furtherfield and in Poetry Wales, Datableed and Art Monthly.

Ruby Tingle

Though working predominately in collage, Ruby Tingle’s practice expands into music and performance. She deconstructs and reworks familiar images, objects, and sounds to assemble ambiguous and extraordinary forms. Ruby’s practice is grounded in natural history, and her practice is littered with references to creatures that share the globe. Her unique appearance characterises her work and offers her an opportunity to place herself within her work. Her works deal with a private symbolism and employ self-portraiture as a tool to exist vicariously in between states. These transformations allow Ruby to create an alternate folklore and natural history where boundaries between human and animal are obscured. Performance is used as a platform for the large-scale translation of these ideas, often utilising life drawing as an interactive element and theme. Ruby uses her body as a living portrait, forcing her interaction with the three-dimensional collage installations she creates. Music, often comprised of sonic collage pieces from original recorded instrumentation and sound samples, operate alongside these visual works and can support them audibly. The ‘cutting up’ and manipulation of personal conceptual songs form new responsive sound pieces to score live works, whilst physical releases act as art object editions.



B S Johnson Issue 3


The third issue of the B.S. Johnson Journal: ‘The issue with the truth’, featuring essays, interviews, peer-reviewed academic papers and creative pieces inspired by the British writer, with contributions from Andrew Robert Hodgson, Ed Sibley, Scott Manley Hadley, Philip Tew, Joanna Norledge, Jeremy Page, Alaska James, Richard Berry, Philip Terry, James Davies, Sue Birchenough, Ali Znaidi, Tim Chapman, Jim Goar, James Riley, Ruth Clemens, Kate Connolly, Joseph Darlington and Andy Miller


Reading: Calton / Doherty / DeWitt / Cassels — 10.02.2017


The second reading in the Poetry Performance Series (PPS) features two visiting poets – Stuart Calton, from Manchester, and John De Witt, from Paris – alongside Cambridge’s Imogen Cassels and Caitlín Doherty. There will also be a book table. Please feel free to circulate info to those who might be interested.



Stuart Calton is the author of the following books: Blepharospasms (2016), Live at Late Dilated Ileum (2015), The Torn Instructions for No Trebuchet (2013), Three Reveries (2010), The Corn Mother (2006), The Bench Graft (2004), United Snap Up (2004), and Sheep Walk Cut (2003). As a musician, he is the incomparable dictophonist TFH Drenching. His book Wimpy and André has just been released from MATERIALS press and will be on-sale on the night. A poem in ten sections, setting forth the interrelations between protagonists Wimpy, Climpy, Sandy and André, in a potentially infinite selection of mixed scenarios. Amongst other sounds, the poem includes the sounds of a car alarm, the thin barking of a radically rationalised trick poultice, a shout, a voice, silence, static, galloping and The Lark Ascending played triple-speed nine octaves up like rain on a steel bin-lid over a rave synth line.
“Just too big. Firstly way too big. And then just right.”



Caitlín Doherty is the author of O (Foule Press, 2012) and Satellites (Tipped Press, 2012).

About the latter, China Miéville has written in the Guardian:

“Doherty, an outstanding young poet, uses our orbital trash, the bric-a-brac of communication tech and a deflating space race as a hook for her interrogations. Even a familiar notion is reinvigorated: the pathos of the first dog in space is not a subject previously untouched, but in her eulogy to Laika, Doherty marries cool rigour and generosity without sentimentality, and if you can get to the end without tearing up you’re stronger than I.”

Doherty is also the poetry editor of the journal Salvage, and her new book, Our Party, is forthcoming from Critical Documents.

“could you plan on my improvement
could it be wagered thus
a silk drape and a massage of the air
a yankee candle and the Tory grandee
unlabouring harmony



John DeWitt was born in Mexico City, later moved to Nashville, and now lives in Paris. He is the author of Ends (Tipped Press, 2011), and Visceral Apocrypha (Shit Valley, 2013) and co-wrote, with Rosa Van Hensbergen, as Bill Ding, Buildings (Tipped Press, 2012).

“Nevermind spirits, it was motherfucker(!)

Motherfucker how could you have me at the end of my legs

He shook his fist at the chairs, at the light, maybe even at the flowers in the garden

as motherfucker has such a small mouth for the world

and such a ponytail floating in the wind



Imogen Cassels is from Sheffield and reads English at Cambridge. She was a Young Poet on the Underground in 2015, and in 2016 was a winner of the Poetry Business New Poets Prize. Her poems have appeared in Blackbox Manifold, The Literateur, Ambit, and the LondonMagazine.

“Somewhere they are watching rockets bombing

with fireless grace. Somewhere we end up

fucking in our sleep, and are disturbed by waking.”


Friday 10th February [2017], 7.30pm.

Judith E. Wilson Drama Studio, English Faculty Building, Cambridge.

Email David Grundy (dmg37@cam.ac.uk <mailto:dmg37@cam.ac.uk>), Rosa Van Hensbergen (rv252@cam.ac.uk <mailto:rv252@cam.ac.uk>) or Janani Ambikapathy (ja555@cam.ac.uk <mailto:ja555@cam.ac.uk>) for further details.