Veer launch at the CPRC Birkbeck (Buck, Spott, Hazell, Jenkins)

Veer Books will be holding a launch reading on Monday, March 26th 2018, 7:30-9:00pm, at Birkbeck College, in association with the CPRC Birkbeck (note the new date).

We’ll be launching some new Veer publications, with readings by the authors:

* Verity Spott – We Will Bury You
* Calum Hazell – TENDS
* Haley Jenkins – Nekorb (TBC)

Venue: Keynes Library, School of Arts, 43 Gordon Square, Birkbeck College, London
Time: 7:30-9:00pm

Free and All Welcome. Wine and drinks provided.



New Hix Eros review

Hix Eros: Poetry Review is published jointly by Sad Press and Hi Zero.

The latest issue is #8, published in March 2018, covering work by Sean Bonney, Lisa Robertson, Linda Kemp, Lila Matsumoto, Jennifer Pike Cobbing, Mike Saunders, Holly Pester et al., Sarah Hayden, Nicky Melville, Sophie Mayer, Calum Gardner, Juha Virtanen, Jèssica Pujol, Millie Guille, Sophie Seita, Caitlín Doherty, Corina Copp, Eleanor Perry, Daisy Lafarge, Vala Thorrods, JH Prynne, Colin Herd, and Peter Manson.


The Other Room in Creative Tourist

The next and final Other Room is previewed in the current Creative Tourist. Check it out HERE




The Advance of the Avant-garde

In the 1960s a group of writers set about shaking up the polite conventions of the British realist tradition through a whole range of experimental approaches.



Poem Talk on Sean Bonney’s Happiness

The 122nd monthly episode of the podcast series “PoemTalk”—a discussion of Sean Bonney’s “Happiness” with Stephen Willey, Anna Strong Safford, and Luke Roberts.

You can subscribe to PoemTalk through iTunes — or here.

Crater – Ian Davidson reading

On the 20th of March at 19.30, upstairs at the Dog House pub in Kennington, SE11 6BY, Ian Davidson will read from his recent Crater pamphlet Gateshead and Back alongside readings by Caitlín Doherty, James Goodwin and Ed Luker. Come along!

It will be something of a belated launch for this:

Crater 39: September 2017. Ian Davidson’s Gateshead and Back, Volume II of the Tyne and Wear Poems. Three colour, risograph, 18pp., original photography by Lara Pearson, design by Vadim Gershman, £8 + p&p. (Run of 100)

The Tyne and Wear Poems are here and there and often both at the same time. They look different from over here and from over there. Volume 1 of the Tyne and Wear Poems was about getting to know the urban landscape of Newcastle and Volume 3 was about repeated journeys that wore down the moving figure and the thing moved through on repeated journeys over old familiar ground. Volume 2, Gateshead and Back, is about the many connections that the people of Gateshead might have around the world. It came together in a Tyneside flat in the Avenues, with a sink hole appearing just across the road. The poems and images say things about actual and imagined movement through the connections many people might have. Gateshead and Back enjoys mainly unstable ground.

Reading will entail a £5/£3 donation to venue costs.


10 years of if p then q

Another big night in the not too distant future from James Davies’ publishing house if p then q. Wang it in your diary.

if p then q 10 years poster