Black Mountain College USA (1933 – 1957) comes to the Black Mountains of Powys, Wales. A full weekend exploration and celebration of the work, philosophy and ongoing influence of that remarkable, mid-twentieth century educational and multi-genre artistic experimental venture.


                                  20 High St, Crickhowell, NP8 1BD 

Saturday Morning 11.00 – 1.00

Welcome and Introduction

Michael Kindellan: Charles Olson and education.

Ian Hunt: Anni Albers and Josef Albers.

Wanda O’Connor: Towards a Post-Projective Poetics.

Saturday Afternoon 2.00 – 5.00

Jeff Hilson: Gertrude Stein, Black Mountain and Ray Johnson.

Alice Entwistle: Echoes and Edges: Re-reading Creeley.

Lee Duggan: Olson and the influence of projective verse, particularly in reference to women’s writing.

Scott Thurston: Reflections on Olson’s ‘A Syllabary for a Dancer’ – inter-disciplinarity at Black Mountain.

Saturday Evening 7.00 – 9.30

Allen Fisher: Construction and Assemblage in the Work of Robert Rauschenberg and Franz Kline.

Redell Olsen: ‘Observation Judgement Action ‘1’’.

Pierre Joris: Charles Olson now.

Nicole Peyrafitte: Basil King: Mirage. A film directed by Nicole Peyrafitte, co-directed by Miles Joris-Peyrafitte, starring Basil King.

Sunday Morning 10.30 – 1.00

Ian Brinton: A short piece about Mike Rumaker.

Anthony Mellors: John Cage, Williams Mix: collage and synthesis.

Gillian Hipp: On Merce Cunningham

John Goodby: Encounters with the work of Ed Dorn.

Sunday Afternoon 2.00 – 5.00

Gavin Selerie: The legacy of interactions between art forms at Black Mountain College and after.

Peter Hughes: Abstract art & writing, leaping off from the work of Cy Twombly.

Tilla Brading: ‘Breath between the Black Mountains’. Charles Olson & David Jones.

Carol Watts: On Balance: a Poetics of Memory, Labour, Practice.

Tim Atkins: Hilda Morley – the longest serving poet at Black Mountain.

Sunday Evening 7.00 – 9.30



Open multi-genre collaborative jam session with Lyndon Davies, Graham Hartill, Nicole Peyrafitte, Pierre Joris, Rhys Trimble, Camilla Nelson, Scott Thurston, Wanda O’Connor and others.

£15 for the whole weekend (£12 concessions)

or £5 per individual session (£4 concessions)

To book or for more info: Lyndon Davies. Email:


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