Tripwire 11

Announcing our special ¡POP!��issue! 300+ pages, with contributors from 15 countries, including Douglas Kearney * Bruce Boone * Mariano Blatt. (trans. Paul Merchant) * R. Zamora Linmark * Ye Mimi (trans. Steve Bradbury) * Hiromi Itō (trans. Jeffrey Angles) * Idlir Azizaj (trans. Jack Hirschman) * Owen Logan & Uzor Maxim Uzoatu * Dawn Lundy Martin * Courtney Meaker & Erin Pike * Kate Durbin (interviewed by Kevin Killian) * Luciana Caamaño (trans. Claire Parsons Lucena) * Dee Dee Kramer * Angélica Freitas (trans. Hilary Kaplan) * Nada Gordon * Ulrich Haarbürste * Ellen Addison * Angelo Suarez * Edwin Torres * K. Silem Mohammad * Nyein Way * Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingd‚ * Cheom–Seon Kim (trans. Matt Reeck & Jeonghyun Mun) * Anne McGuire * Kim Rosenfield * Julietta Cheung * Mae Yway (trans. Ko Ko Thett) * Grzegorz Wróblewski (trans. Piotr Gwiazda) * Selah Saterstrom * SE Barnet * Paolo Javier on Fel Santos * David Kaufman on Rob Fitterman * Ashley Colley on Douglas Kearney * Ted Rees on David Wojnarowicz * Matt Longabucco on Lindsey Boldt * Calum Rodger on Steve Roggenbuck * Joseph Bradshaw on Kevin Killian * Afton Wilky on Nick Montfort. Cover by Truong Tran. $15
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Golden Handcuffs Review: A Screw in the Shoe: An Anthology of Changes

NEW GHR Publications anthology collectible print edition from 2016! a screw in the shoe: Anthology of Challenges features a cover photograph by Eleanor Antin. Poetry and prose by Carol Watts, Andrea Brady, Maurice Scully, John James, Sarah Hayden, Norman Weinstein, Nancy Gaffield, Stuart Cooke, Norman Fischer, Rachel Blau DuPlessis, Nathaniel Mackey, Richard Makin, Toby Olson, Michael Upchurch, Philip Terry, James Davies, John Hall, Peter Hughes, Peter Quartermain, Richard Makin. Publishing piece by Ken Edwards and reviews by Norman Weinstein and Steve Potter.

Available HERE

Sad Press Summer Bundle


1. Karl M.V. Waugh, Obsessed by Proportions
2. Tom Jenks, An Anatomy of Melancholy
3. Anne-Laure Coxam, Toolbox Therapy
4. R.K., Killing the Cop in Your Head
5. Sally-Shakti Willow & Joe Evans, The Unfinished Dream
6. Eley Williams, Frit

Your friends are all telling you this is normal and fine and even a gesture of friendship but you’re not so sure. Anyway you may have them ALL for £30 (c.$1.07) including P&P at, & they will be posted to you as they’re published between now and December.

PS: Review copies of individual titles available on request. Or we’ll do you the bundle for 0.07 BTC or 3 Echos ( get in touch & we’ll figure that out. We do also still have copies available of Jennifer Cooke’s Apocalypse Dreams (£5 incl. P&P,, & back catalogue PDFs are available by donation (scroll down).

The Start of Sentences

James Davies’ experiences of reading Robert Grenier’s Sentences in Bury’s Text Art Archive:

I don’t want to go into individual poems so much here as to explain the joy of reading Sentences as archived material, in the archive, and the processes of reading the poems in accordance with the way Sentences is catalogued. The copy of Sentences at Bury, “The Bury Sentences” as I now call it, is a like a “bootleg” record — just as cool as the original but with minor differences to interest the aficionado. I’ll explain why.

LINK for more.

The Other Room website rebooted!

The Other Room website has been running the whole duration we’ve been running our nights and has started to bulge and bulge. So we decided to do a bit of a spring clean in order to make it easier to navigate. We’ve also tidied up all those inevitable missed links which Mick Weller celebrates HERE.

If you’re old or new to the site have a look around our massive archive of blog/news posts, video archive from most of our readings, video and print interviews, book reviews, reviews of our events, poster archive and photos. Don’t forget of course to check out our upcoming events and annual anthology.

James, Scott & Tom