Gramophone Ray Gun – Tim Allen, Rachel Sills & Tim Bromage

Gramophone Ray Gun is a ‘live’ series of events celebrating experimental approaches to writing and performance, encouraging informal innovation, poetic deviance and risk. Alternating between the page, performance, language and text, Gramophone Ray Gun is a regular platform commissioned by The Dock Road Press. Invited readers for our fifth event include Tim Bromage, Rachel Sills and Tim Allen each punked up on strange magic and bizarre punk rituals. As usual, the evening will unfold to a crepuscular soundscape of unearthly samples and music excavated from a U.F.O crash site in Crosby.

Thursday, February 23 at 8 PM – 11 PM, Everyman Bistro, Liverpool

Pedicure by Tom Betteridge from Sine Wave Peak


a new book of poems by Tom Betteridge
published by Sine Wave Peak
January 2017

Pedicure remains a pleasure, read at any speed or hovered over. Filtered through a fairy feller’s garden of delights, music layers merge as language zooms through thought to focus bracketed by timed description. Pages twitch body pollen mist to drift across purls in wine. All this under a Gulley Jimson foot: on record, grateful.”
– Tom Raworth
hand-sewn paperback with French folds and a foil-embossed cover, edition of 250

The O and the Owl by Leanne Bridgewater

The new ebook from Argotist Ebooks is “The O and The Owl” by Leanne Bridgewater


An eco-sound-poem in 50 parts

“The O and The Owl” is about a play on letter ‘o’ and the ‘owl’ as a word, phonically, but also metaphorically: environment; animal instinct; nature. We have become so dependent on having to know what everything means, we ask it too much. The O and The Owl – what does it mean? It has no formal meaning but it asks you ‘what do you think / what do you see / do you see the play on word / do you see the oblong rhythm / do you see the hidden politics / do you feel tongue-twisted / do you see the micro-meanings instead of ‘what is the true meaning of this?’ – Language’s seatbelt has become unfastened, landing face-down in earth where the tongue licks and sniffs at it in a playful manner – and then the owl comes!

Available as a free ebook here:

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New MATERIALS Books: Okulu // Calton // Chalmers // Weber



Published January 2017


Gizem Okulu’s first book is a sequence of 31 poems which, in broken and extended lines, explore the terrifying possibility of lack of speech, of blocked communication: a poetry written between languages and countries which both bridges and attests to the gap, the chasm that “opens / up / isolated / and / frightened”. These are poems haunted by political catastrophe: poems about wandering, fleeing, fogs and rivers, conditions of exile and danger, marked at times by flashes of biting humour and throughout by intense commitment.

“I do not belong here nor there I say but here I want to make you a house from the memories of every woman you ever had before like the resistance of senses meeting for one last time in the mirror we slept between the rivers and smokes in earthquake lights all day and night in the cities against the sun.”

Gizem Okulu is a poet who has published poems in Datableed, Intercapillary Space, &c. and is studying for a Ph.D at Royal Holloway. She lives in London.

38 pp, card covers (red), side stapled.

Errata. [11] For ‘Anotolia’ read ‘Anatolia’.

[29] For ‘women’ read ‘woman’.



Published January 2017


A poem in ten sections, setting forth the interrelations between protagonists Wimpy, Climpy, Sandy and André, in a potentially infinite selection of mixed scenarios. Amongst other sounds, the poem includes the sounds of a car alarm, the thin barking of a radically rationalised trick poultice, a shout, a voice, silence, static, galloping and The Lark Ascending played triple-speed nine octaves up like rain on a steel bin-lid over a rave synth line. You need to read it.

“Just too big. Firstly way too big. And then just right.”

Stuart Calton is the author of the following books: Blepharospasms (2016), Live at Late Dilated Ileum (2015), The Torn Instructions for No Trebuchet (2013), Three Reveries (2010), The Corn Mother (2006), The Bench Graft (2004), United Snap Up (2004), and Sheep Walk Cut (2003). As a musician, he is the incomparable dictophonist TFH Drenching.

34 pp, card covers (pink), side-stapled.

Listen! to Stuart reading a footnote to the book (“In the air above the abyss…” — The First Manifesto of Inter-Subjective Bureaucratic Pointillism, an unintegrated footnote to Wimpy & André (Calton, S. (2016). Wimpy & André. Cambridge: Materials Press). Your foot.)HERE.

Read! a review of Live at Late Dilated IleumHERE.



Published January 2017


A collection of work written between 2013 and 2015, this is Christina Chalmers’ second book, and her first since Work Songs (2013). Divided into three sections, and containing poems such as ‘The International’, ‘The Arms Left Over’ and ‘Dragonfly Abattoir’.

“My German is

bad. My bed is a beautiful green lido. I drink

to municipal menthol. I grow more


Christina Chalmers was born in Edinburgh, studied in Cambridge, lived in London, and has recently relocated to New York. Her poetry has been published widely in such on- and off-line venues as:Datableed, Materials, Sundial, and Rivet.

38pp, covers in gold paper, side stapled.



Published November 2016


Naomi Weber’s lyric sequence Very Lonely Animals sprawls across its pages in slabs of delicate observation, working through the condition of innerness and outerness, fragmentation and totality. The locations of these poem are wide open, seas and coasts, rooms in which people nestle and seek protection, but from which they pereptually seem to be on the verge of leaving: the line ripens in sounds unfolding within and across the break, lulling or obscuring.

This is poetry that sings it own song, almost to itself, from just off-centre.

“This world we love and keep our love in keeps

Tearing our hands

The shreds around nails dragging behind

Looking around for gazes to meet

Digging bone to neighbourly flesh

God help me I am trying to be kind

But what other worlds have you given us

To serve, says a secret prayer”

Naomi Weber is a poet who has published poems in Datableed, No Money, &c. She has another new book forthcoming from Tim Thornton and Verity Spott’s The Winter Olympics Press.

14pp, card covers (purple), side-stapled.

Veer Launch (Ashford, Cobbing, Harvey, Terry)

Dear All – notice of the upcoming Veer Launch at Iklectik.

Veer Launch (Ashford, Cobbing, Harvey, Terry)
Tuesday, 7th February@ Iklictik Art Lab, Old Paradise Yard, 20 Carlisle Lane, Waterloo, London SE1 7LG, UK, 7pm.
With readings from David Ashford, launching SEDITION-MACHINES, and Philip Terry launching Bad Times.
We will also be launching the new Complete Poems by James Harvey, edited by David Miller, Keith Jebb and Antony John, who will read on the night, along with Matt Martin, and alongside recordings of James Harvey.
We will also be launching the new edition of Jennifer Pike Cobbing’s Computer Dances. As you’ll know Jennifer sadly passed away on December 11th last year, while the book was in preparation. We are very happy to be able to launch it nonetheless and to celebrate Jenny’s extraordinary work on the night. Reading and speaking on the night will be Adrian Clarke, Ulli Freer, William Rowe, Elizabeth James, cris cheek, montenegrofisher, Steve Willey and Becky Cremin.

New look Reality Street website

The Reality Street website has had a complete makeover for 2017. There’s a new banner, showing all the books currently in print, and we’ve tried to make the design more internally consistent and cleaner.

Most importantly, it’s now, at long last, optimised for smart phones and tablets, so it no longer looks rubbish on these devices.

We’ve also made an attempt to weed out errors, out-of-date links and other anomalies. Please take a look, and let us know if anything is still not quite right.

Finally, many prices have been brought down, so you may find a bargain or two here.