Veer Books at the Surrey New Writers Festival

Veer Books will be hosting a reading and launch evening as part of the Surrey New Writers Festival in Guildford on Saturday 16 March (6 – 8PM), featuring the launch of Allen Fisher’s Defamiliarising ____________* and Martin Bakero’s abjects. Readers will be: Allen Fisher, Martin Bakero, Adrian Clarke, Stephen Mooney. Hosted by Stephen Mooney and Holly Luhning. (free admission). Venue: Three Pigeons, Guildford,169 High Street,Guildford,GU1 3AJ. More here.


Allen Fisher: connected events for the Birkbeck and Royal Holloway nexus.

event one: 7.30pm, Thursday, 14th February, Birkbeck
Clore Management Building Room G01, Torrington square.

Testing & Experimenting

event two: Thursday, 28th March, Royal Holloway, Central London
site and room tbc

Æsthetics of the Imperfect Fit.

Birkbeck, Thursday 14th February

Testing & Experimenting, the event sets out to review for London the sequence of Allen Fisher’s Complexity Manifold talks (2006-2011), followed by a brief application of the result from the review, using examples from fourteen English poems published in the last five years and a concluding coda: the governance of the self and others.

Royal Holloway, Central London, Thursday 28th March

Æsthetics of the Imperfect Fit, a synthesis with an underlying theme of facture and æsthetic reception. Eventually the subject includes how meaning might be achieved by slow accretions and lead to aspects of truth telling. This subject is skewed by the poetics, confronted with the contradiction of the world as it is understood to be and the changing proposals for a different world.

Allen Fisher: 3 events

Allen Fisher Reading

23rd Nov 2012, 6pm

Gallery North, City Campus, Northumbria University

Free Entry

Poet and painter Allen Fisher will read from his work as part of Northumbria University’s Allen Fisher Symposium.

Allen’s performance will be accompanied by short readings from Ira Lightman and Sophie Robinson.


Allen Fisher Symposium

24th Nov 2012, 10.30 to 5.30

Sutherland Building, City Campus, Northumbria University

Free Entry (booking essential)


Rob Holloway and Allen Fisher Live

Xing the Line

7.30pm Wednesday, 5 December reading

‘The Apple Tree, Mount Pleasant, London

Scott Thurston interviews Allen Fisher

Scott Thurston will be conducting a public interview with Allen Fisher at Manchester Metropolitan University’s Crewe campus as part of MMU’s centenary celebrations. The event takes place between 1:30 and 3pm on 10th September 2012 in the Contemporary Arts Building: Axis Theatre. See the programme for an overview of the material Allen will be discussing and performing, a map and travel advice.

PolyPly 20: Re-Flux

POLYply > 20 RE-FLUX
Allen Fisher, Sarah Hughes & Kostis Kilymis ‘Her Regime’ group performance and film work conceived and directed by Becky Cremin, Nisha Ramayya and Prudence Chamberlain
Thursday 14 June, 7pm The Centre for Creative Collaboration 16 Acton Street, London WC1X 9NG
Free entry. All welcome. Last POLYply till September.

West House Books

Steve McCaffery PANOPTICON. BookThug rev. edn. 2011. £15

Taking its inspiration from Jeremy Bentham’s ‘Panopticon Papers’, McCaffery’s Panopticon shatters all omnivision in a tour de force of formal innovation, theoretical comment and narrative critique. In Panopticon narrative stutters, repeats itself, sequence is deranged and complicated by a multimedia presence on the page of grids, film bands and acoustic channels. On its first appearance Charles Bernstein hailed the book as ‘perhaps the exemplary “antiabsorptive work” and William McPheron claimed it as “an extraordinary act of revolution and charity”. Out of print for more than twenty years, this new edition has been revised extensively and is accompanied by an afterword written by McCaffery himself.

OPEN LETTER 14.7, Fall 2011: Breakthrough Nostalgia: Reading Steve McCaffery Then and Now. Ed. Stephen Cain. 172pp. £10.50

W/ contributions by Geoffrey Hlibchuk, Stephen Voyce, Gregory Betts, Tim Conley, Jason Starnes, Alessandra Capperdoni, Jean-Jacques Lecercle, Matt Carrington, Lori Emerson, Andy Weaver, Christian Bök, Derek Beaulieu, Alan Halsey, Peter Jaeger + new poetry & prose by SMcC.

Allen Fisher PROPOSALS, 1-35. Poem-image-commentary. 76pp incl. 35 images in colour. Spanner 2010. £9.50

Allen Fisher STROLL & STRUT STEP. 16pp + 3 images in colour. Spanner 2004. £7.50

Post-free in UK. Payment by cheque or Paypal.

Orders to

Hidden Agendas: Unreported Poetics

Hidden Agendas: Unreported Poetics is now online in a PDF format at It contains a slection of writings on Edwin Denby, Mark Hyatt, Bern Porter, Asa Benveniste, Lukáš Tomin, William Bronk, Gilbert Sorrentino, Robbie Walker, Bob Cobbing, Paddy Roe, Philip Whalen, Loop Poetics, Cyberpoetics, Flarf and other poets and poetics from the 1960s to the present that/who might be considered ”neglected” in some way. Contributors: Ali Alizadeh, Louis Armand, Livio Beloi, Jeremy Davies, Stephan Delbos, Michel Delville, Johanna Drucker, Michael Farrel, Allen Fisher, Vincent Katz, Stephen Muecke, Jena Osman, Michael Rothenberg, Lou Rowan, Kyle Schlesinger, Robert Shepperd, Stephanie Strickland, John Wilkinson. Can also be got in hardcopy from the publisher, Litteraria Pragensia Books in Prague.

Via Vlak Magazine


Meditation Traps in Hereford

Via Allen Fisher:

“This is to invite you to attend or at least let you know about an OPENING and VIEW of work at APPLE STORE GALLERY, 3 Bridge Street, HEREFORD.

The evening viewing is on Thursday 5th January 2012, 6 to 8 pm. RSVP

The exhibition runs Tuesday to Saturday from 3rd January until 25th February.

It is an exhibition with a number of artists’ works.

I will have 8 MEDITATION TRAPS in the show.

MEDITATION TRAPS are composed in ink and watercolour on laid papers, framed with cherry wood, they measure 53 x 41 cm. They were made as part of a series in 2003, with images that derive from the shaped pieces of paper hung from a loose rope surrounding an Ainu figure in meditation. They followed my extensive work under the heading Frenzy and Self-Control, which included the series Constructed rush. Three of the MEDITATION TRAPS were used as the basis for prints in my book STROLL & STRUT STEP, published in 2004.”

Allen Fisher events June 2011-October 2011

June 2nd, Thursday, 7.30 pm
Reading for the 3rd Hay Poetry Jamboree at Oriel Contemporary Arts,
Salem Chapel, Bell Bank, Hay on Wye.
Over three days, June 2-4, other participants include: Ralph Hawkins, Colin Still (films), Helen Lopez, John Freeman, Angela Gardner, Rhys Trimble, Paul Green, Robert Sheppard, Carol Watts, Sean Bonney, Frances Presley, Glenn Storrhaug, Gavin Selerie, Tiffany Atkinson, David Annwn, Zoe Skoulding, Kelvin Corcoran, Maggie O’Sullivan.

June 9-11
Skipping across the pond: interaction between American and British poetries 1964-1970; Plenary for Legacies of Modernism: The State of British Poetry Today conference at Institut Charles V in Paris. Some of the other participants are: Peter Middleton, Romana Huk, Scott Thurston, Xavier Kalck, Luke Roberts, Nandini Ramesh Sankar, Robin Purves, Geraldine Monk, Carol Watts, John Wilkinson, Keston Sutherland, David Kennedy, Emily Critchley, Michael Kindellan, Simon Perril, Sophie Robinson, Ian Davidson, Sam Ladkin, Joe Luna, Will Montgomery, Vincent Broqua, cris cheek, Joshua Adams, Jennifer Cooke, Lacy Rumsey, Jeff Hilson, Neil Psatterson, Sara Crangle, Simon Jarvis, Drew Milne, Robert Hampson.

June 16, Thursday, 7pm-9pm
Proposals performance for POLYply, The Centre for Creative Collaboration
16 Acton Street, London WC1X 9NG; other participants are Ken Hyder,
Justin Katko, Christian Kerrigan (t.b.c.) and Marianne Morris.
The Centre for Creative Collaboration, 16 Acton Street, London WC1X 9NG.

June 21, Tuesday, early evening
Complexity Manifold: Falmouth synopsis, Performance and Contexture event,
University College Falmouth, Wood Lane.

July 6-7
follow up sessions to April 13th session
PARC NorthWest, Practice as Research Consortium, Manchester.

September 16th, Friday, 7.30 pm
British Romantic Painters, invited talk for the
Hereford Arts Appreciation Society.

September 30th, Friday, 7.30 pm
Images of Health and Well-being, twenty-first annual HACS lecture, Courtyard Theatre, Hereford.

October 14th, Thursday, 4.30 pm
Reading performance for Department of English Language & Literature, University of Chicago.

October 15th, Friday, 1 pm
Lecture for Department of English Language & Literature, University of Chicago.

October 27th, Thursday, 4.30 pm
Lecture for Department of English, University of Notre Dame,
Strength in frailty: British poetry in the new millennium.

October 27th, Thursday, 7.30 pm
Reading at Hammes Bookstore, South Bend, Indiana
supported by the Department of English, University of Notre Dame.

November 12th, Saturday 2.30 pm
Narrative Walls: Renaissance frescoes: Giotto to Michelangelo for The National Association of Decorative & Fine Arts Societies.

The Other Room 20 and 21: recordings now available

Recordings of The Other Room’s launch event for Poems of the Millennium Volume 3 with Allen Fisher, Maggie O’Sullivan, Jeffrey C. Robinson, Jerome Rothenberg and others and The Other Room 21, with Neil Addison and Louise Woodcock.

The Other Room 20, October 19th 2010. Launch event for Poems for the Millennium Volume 3.

Allen Fisher

Maggie O’Sullivan

Jerome Rothenberg

Readings from Poems for the Millennium Volume 3
James Davies, Allen Fisher, Tom Jenks, Maggie O’Sullivan, Jeffrey C. Robinson, Jerome Rothenberg, Scott Thurston

The Other Room 21, 1st December 2010

Neil Addison
(audio only)

Louise Woodcock

Jerome Rothenberg, Maggie O’Sullivan, Allen Fisher & Poems for the Millennium 3: Preview of 19th October event

Some tasters for our three readers. In addition there will be readings by all three poets, Jeffrey Robinson and The Other Room of a selection of poem from Poems for Millennium Volume 3. Videos of O’Sullivan and Fisher can be found in the middle left column. Please note that this event starts at 6pm and is at THE INTERNATIONAL ANTHONY BURGESS FOUNDATION

Jerome Rothenberg

Jerome Rothenberg is the author of over seventy books of poetry including Poems for the Game of Silence, Poland/1931, A Seneca Journal, Vienna Blood, That Dada Strain, New Selected Poems 1970-1985, Khurbn, and most recently, A Paradise of Poets and A Book of Witness (all from New Directions). Describing his poetry career as “an ongoing attempt to reinterpret the poetic past from the point of view of the present,” he has also edited seven major assemblages of traditional and contemporary poetry.

LINK TO Buffalo Page with links to poems and publications

Maggie O’Sullivan
O’Sullivan’s work is influenced by Kurt Schwitters, Joseph Beuys, Jerome Rothenberg, Bob Cobbing and Basil Bunting. Her books include An Incomplete Natural History (1984), In the House of the Shaman (1993), Red Shift (2000) and Palace of Reptiles (2003). She edited out of everywhere: An anthology of contemporary linguistically innovative poetry by women in North America & the UK (1996).

LINK to BEPC page

Allen Fisher
Allen Fisher has been involved in performance writing since 1962. A poet, painter, publisher, editor and art historian, he has produced one hundred and forty chapbooks and books of poetry, graphics and art documentation. He was co-editor and publisher of Aloes Books and he currently edits and publishes Spanner. He lives in Hereford and is Head of Contemporary Arts at Manchester Metropolitan University in Crewe. His books and chapbooks include: The Apocalyptic Sonnets (1978), Poetry for Schools (1980), Brixton Fractals (1985, republished 1999), Dispossession & Cure (1994), Civic Crime (1994), Now’s the time (1995), Fish Jet (1997), Place(collected set 2005) Gravity(2004), Entanglement(2004), Singularity Stereo(2006), Leans(2007), Birds (2009). 

LINK to Allen Fisher at BEPC

Allen Fisher revised itinerary

An amendment to the earlier post. Please note the revised time for The Other Room reading with Maggie O’Sullivan and Jerome Rothenberg on 19th October and that the conferences included in the previous itinerary, at the Royal Geographical Society and at University of Kent, will not be open to the public, but are for conference attendees only. More details on Allen’s New Site here.

24th September, annual autumn lecture, 7.30 pm, Friday

Courtyard Studio Theatre, Edgar Street, Hereford

Love and Beauty: a lecture reviewing the legacies from ancient art and their usage in modern and post-modern painting.
 A conversation about continuity and invention, illustrated through works of art from Roman villas, Renaissance palaces, French Salons and twentieth century galleries.

6th October, 8 pm, Wednesday

The Complexity Manifold, one of three talks

Poetry Library, Southbank Centre, London SE1

assemblage and empathy: paying attention to poetic composition with regard to aspects of spacetime, catastrophe theory, decoherence and proprioception

13th October, 7.30 pm, Wednesday

The Complexity Manifold, second talk

Contemporary Poetics Research Centre, Birkbeck College,

University of London, Torrington Square, London WC1

reiterates the process of the first talk and develops those proposals through ideas of situation and dislocation

19th October, 6 pm Tuesday

Other Room reading with Jerome Rothenberg and Maggie O’Sullivan

Anthony Burgess Foundation, Engine House,

Chorlton Mill, Manchester

21st October, 7 pm, Thursday

The Complexity Manifold, third talk

Poetics Research Group at Royal Holloway,

University of London, 2 Gower Street, Bedford Square, WC1

27th October, 7.30pm, Wednesday

Openned reading

Corsica Studios, 5 Elephant Road, London SE17 3LG