West House Books

Steve McCaffery PANOPTICON. BookThug rev. edn. 2011. £15

Taking its inspiration from Jeremy Bentham’s ‘Panopticon Papers’, McCaffery’s Panopticon shatters all omnivision in a tour de force of formal innovation, theoretical comment and narrative critique. In Panopticon narrative stutters, repeats itself, sequence is deranged and complicated by a multimedia presence on the page of grids, film bands and acoustic channels. On its first appearance Charles Bernstein hailed the book as ‘perhaps the exemplary “antiabsorptive work” and William McPheron claimed it as “an extraordinary act of revolution and charity”. Out of print for more than twenty years, this new edition has been revised extensively and is accompanied by an afterword written by McCaffery himself.

OPEN LETTER 14.7, Fall 2011: Breakthrough Nostalgia: Reading Steve McCaffery Then and Now. Ed. Stephen Cain. 172pp. £10.50

W/ contributions by Geoffrey Hlibchuk, Stephen Voyce, Gregory Betts, Tim Conley, Jason Starnes, Alessandra Capperdoni, Jean-Jacques Lecercle, Matt Carrington, Lori Emerson, Andy Weaver, Christian Bök, Derek Beaulieu, Alan Halsey, Peter Jaeger + new poetry & prose by SMcC.

Allen Fisher PROPOSALS, 1-35. Poem-image-commentary. 76pp incl. 35 images in colour. Spanner 2010. £9.50

Allen Fisher STROLL & STRUT STEP. 16pp + 3 images in colour. Spanner 2004. £7.50

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Orders to info@westhousebooks.co.uk


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