Allen Fisher revised itinerary

An amendment to the earlier post. Please note the revised time for The Other Room reading with Maggie O’Sullivan and Jerome Rothenberg on 19th October and that the conferences included in the previous itinerary, at the Royal Geographical Society and at University of Kent, will not be open to the public, but are for conference attendees only. More details on Allen’s New Site here.

24th September, annual autumn lecture, 7.30 pm, Friday

Courtyard Studio Theatre, Edgar Street, Hereford

Love and Beauty: a lecture reviewing the legacies from ancient art and their usage in modern and post-modern painting.
 A conversation about continuity and invention, illustrated through works of art from Roman villas, Renaissance palaces, French Salons and twentieth century galleries.

6th October, 8 pm, Wednesday

The Complexity Manifold, one of three talks

Poetry Library, Southbank Centre, London SE1

assemblage and empathy: paying attention to poetic composition with regard to aspects of spacetime, catastrophe theory, decoherence and proprioception

13th October, 7.30 pm, Wednesday

The Complexity Manifold, second talk

Contemporary Poetics Research Centre, Birkbeck College,

University of London, Torrington Square, London WC1

reiterates the process of the first talk and develops those proposals through ideas of situation and dislocation

19th October, 6 pm Tuesday

Other Room reading with Jerome Rothenberg and Maggie O’Sullivan

Anthony Burgess Foundation, Engine House,

Chorlton Mill, Manchester

21st October, 7 pm, Thursday

The Complexity Manifold, third talk

Poetics Research Group at Royal Holloway,

University of London, 2 Gower Street, Bedford Square, WC1

27th October, 7.30pm, Wednesday

Openned reading

Corsica Studios, 5 Elephant Road, London SE17 3LG

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