Allen Fisher: connected events for the Birkbeck and Royal Holloway nexus.

event one: 7.30pm, Thursday, 14th February, Birkbeck
Clore Management Building Room G01, Torrington square.

Testing & Experimenting

event two: Thursday, 28th March, Royal Holloway, Central London
site and room tbc

Æsthetics of the Imperfect Fit.

Birkbeck, Thursday 14th February

Testing & Experimenting, the event sets out to review for London the sequence of Allen Fisher’s Complexity Manifold talks (2006-2011), followed by a brief application of the result from the review, using examples from fourteen English poems published in the last five years and a concluding coda: the governance of the self and others.

Royal Holloway, Central London, Thursday 28th March

Æsthetics of the Imperfect Fit, a synthesis with an underlying theme of facture and æsthetic reception. Eventually the subject includes how meaning might be achieved by slow accretions and lead to aspects of truth telling. This subject is skewed by the poetics, confronted with the contradiction of the world as it is understood to be and the changing proposals for a different world.

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