Damn the Caesars

Four new publications now available, including DAMN THE CAESARS vol. N ($15.00).

NEW WRITING: Keston Sutherland, Justin Katko, Emily Critchley, Luke Roberts,
Francesca Lisette, Dale Smith, Geoffrey Gatza, Josh Stanley, Frances Kruk, David
Hadbawnik, Carrie Etter, Francis Crot, and Rosa Alcala.

FEATURE: New writing and 6 full-color visual pieces from Allen Fisher followed by
an extended consideration of Allen Fisher’s work by Pierre Joris.

ESSAY: Dennis Tedlock on Alcheringa’s relationship to Language Writing.

TRANSLATION: The Papyrus of Ani translated by Steve McCaffery; writing from
Egyptian poet Ahmed Abdel Muti Hijazi translated by Rick London and Omnia Amin.

More here.

The Other Room Anthology 2009/10

A wonderful thing which is now going to press after finding the bugs in the proof.

Keep your eyes peeled.

Features readers from April 2009-Feb 2010: Tim Atktins, Phil Davenport, Lisa Samuels, Allen Fisher, Alex Davies, Matt Dalby, P. Inman, Tina Darragh, Sean Bonney, Frances Kruk, Craig Dworkin, Michael Haslam, James Davies, Tony Trehy, Nick Thurston, Sophie Robinson, Steve Waling, Rob Holloway, Holly Pester.

More details soon when it’s printed.

Bill Griffiths launch tomorrow

A reminder that Sean Bonney, Ken Edwards, Allen Fisher, Alan Halsey, Geraldine Monk & Maggie O’Sullivan will read the whole of “Cycles” to launch the first volume of Bill Griffiths’ Collected Poems.

It’s in Room Clore 203, Clore Management Centre, Birkbeck College (across the square facing the main entrance), London WC1, starting at 7.30pm.

Entrance free.

Via Ken Edwards

if p then q Issue 4 now available

if p then q issue 4 has finally arrived. To purchase go to THIS LINK

This is the last issue  of the magazine and  is packed full of all your favourites:

  • Caroline Bergvall – Cash for Questions and poem
  • Allen Fisher – 60 Second Interview and poems
  • Lucy Harvest Clarke – What’s in my Fridge and poems
  • Richard Makin – The Writer’s Room and poems
  • Joy as Tiresome Vandalism – Summer Sizzlers
  • Scott Thurston on Stuart Calton and Ira Lightman

    Also poems by:

  • Charles Bernstein
  • Philip Davenport
  • Ray DiPalma
  • Andrew Shelley

    Allen Fisher – Proposals (pdf Sample) – HIT THIS LINK

    Allen Fisher video version of 60 Second interview below

The Other Room 8 – debrief

Thank you to everyone who made The Other Room 8 on 3rd June such a success: to Matt Dalby, Alex Davies and Allen Fisher for three stunning performances; to The Old Abbey Inn for hosting us and to everyone who came along.

Footage of the evening will appear on the site shortly. Some thoughts about the night are collected in the History section of the site. Click here to jump straight there.

Other Room VIII – the readers

The next Other Room is on Wednesday 3rd June. Here is some information about the three great writers who will be performing. Hope to see you there.


MATT DALBY started to explore the possibilities of sound poetry just over a year ago. He is part way through a project to release a CD-R of sound poetry a month throughout 2009. His work has featured on Wordsalad broadcasts. He is currently engaged in a variety of sound collaborations and has two full length records due out on limited edition imprints in Canada later in the summer.

ALEX DAVIES is 25, lives with his girlfriend Gemma in Wigan and is currently working a series of excruciatingly dull jobs while he seeks worthwhile employment. Hunter S Thompson and Kenneth Goldsmith are his best his friends on Facebook and Myspace. He is working on his magnet opium, a beastly collection called LONDONSTONE. His work is featured in ‘veer off’ (Veer Books, 2008) past simple 6 and City State: New London Poetry (Penned In The Margins, 2009).

ALLEN FISHER has been writing since 1962. He has published over 140 publications of art documentation, conceptual work and poetry. He employs interdisciplinary techniques in performance and installation works, drawing mainly from poetry and visual art. Part of his processual work is in the Tate Collection and his painted work is owned by museums in Hereford and Iceland, the King’s College Archive and private collections in America, Australia and Britain. His last one-artist show was at the Kings’ Archive in 2003. His most recent publication is PLACE (Reality Street, 2005). He currently lives in Hereford and Crewe and ‘in transit’