Summer Sundays Sounds

Some excellent summer concerts in Todmorden arranged by Other Room performer Helmut Lemke.


2 PM – 4 PM

sounds / improvisations / new music

three concerts for the summer
watch for special guests, tickets and further info

the JULY event will be an after lunch concert
starting at 2pm / Cakes provided

the Long & the Short of it
John Jasnoch & Helmut Lemke
Guitar, Oud & long strings

Following a chance meeting at a solo John Jasnoch Concert in Germany in 1994, Lemke and Jasnoch first performed together in Sheffield in the Summer of that year. Since then they have developed a style of performance which incorporates improvised music, audio-visual installation and sound sculpture.

The music which results includes the split-second intuitive interactions characteristic of free improvisation and more spaceous, multi-layered material. These performances are largely about strings, from the short scale of Jasnoch’s mandolin to the room length wires of Lemke’s installations. The music is also produced by the creative use of conventional instruments, electronics, taped sounds and by utilising specially constructed sound producing devices.

THE LONG & THE SHORT OF IT have performed widely in the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany.

Their work is documented on the CD “the Long & the Short of it” on the edition el C. label.

TICKETS £5.00 waged / £3.00 unwaged

more details on the Facebook page  – HERE


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