Summer Sundays Sounds

Some excellent summer concerts in Todmorden arranged by Other Room performer Helmut Lemke.


2 PM – 4 PM

sounds / improvisations / new music

three concerts for the summer
watch for special guests, tickets and further info

the JULY event will be an after lunch concert
starting at 2pm / Cakes provided

the Long & the Short of it
John Jasnoch & Helmut Lemke
Guitar, Oud & long strings

Following a chance meeting at a solo John Jasnoch Concert in Germany in 1994, Lemke and Jasnoch first performed together in Sheffield in the Summer of that year. Since then they have developed a style of performance which incorporates improvised music, audio-visual installation and sound sculpture.

The music which results includes the split-second intuitive interactions characteristic of free improvisation and more spaceous, multi-layered material. These performances are largely about strings, from the short scale of Jasnoch’s mandolin to the room length wires of Lemke’s installations. The music is also produced by the creative use of conventional instruments, electronics, taped sounds and by utilising specially constructed sound producing devices.

THE LONG & THE SHORT OF IT have performed widely in the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany.

Their work is documented on the CD “the Long & the Short of it” on the edition el C. label.

TICKETS £5.00 waged / £3.00 unwaged

more details on the Facebook page  – HERE


The Text Festivals: Language Art and Material Poetry


The Text Festivals: Language Art and Material Poetry edited by Tony Lopez

It is a remarkable phenomenon that the foremost among recent sites of this interrogation of boundaries has been a series of festivals located in Bury, on the outskirts of Greater Manchester. World leading artists and poets have been brought together in a range of exhibitions and performances that demonstrate a new and productive collision of different cultural enterprises and expectations. Among those shown at the Text Festivals are Fiona Banner, derek beaulieu, Caroline Bergvall, Joseph Beuys, Christian Bok, Brass Art, Marcel Broodthaers, Pavel Buchler, Augusto de Campos, Zeynep Cansu, Henri Chopin, Bob Cobbing, Liz Collini, Philip Davenport, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Hamish Fulton, Eugen Gomringer, Robert Grenier, Alan Halsey, Alexander Jorgenson, Satu Kaikonen, Martin Kippenburger, Karri Kokko, Marton Koppany, On Kawara, Helmut Lemke, Richard Long, Tony Lopez, Jackson Mac Low, Hansjorg Mayer, Steve Miller, Kerry Morrison, Maurizio Nannucci, Patrick Fabian Panetta, Holly Pester, Tom Philips, Shaun Pickard, Kate Pickering, Hester Reeve (HRH.the), Spencer Roberts, Ed Ruscha, Ron Silliman, Mary Ellen Solt, Magda Stawarska-Beavan, Harald Stoffers, Carolyn Thompson, Nick Thurston, Aysegul Tozeren, TNWK, Tony Trehy, Nico Vasilakis, Carol Watts, Lawrence Weiner, George Widener, Ming Wong, and Eric Zboya. Artists, poets and curators working in these overlapping fields have written this book. It includes new essays by Tony Trehy (director of the Text Festivals), derek beaulieu, Christian Bok, Liz Collini, James Davies, Philip Davenport, Robert Grenier, Alan Halsey, Tony Lopez, Holly Pester, Hester Reeve (HRH.the), Carolyn Thompson, and Carol Watts.

OUT NOW from Plymouth University Press or via Amazon

IN/(from the out)

Exhibition: 19th -26th October 2012 at BLANKSPACE (43, Hulme Street, Manchester M15 6AW)

Public Preview: 18th October 6-9pm Symposium: 27th & 28th October

IN/(from the out) is a collaborative project from Ben Gwilliam & Helmut Lemke working with listening and location sound (& their contexts) at the site of BLANKSPACE in Manchester. As practitioners in the ‘between’ areas of sound/music and the Fine Arts they are fascinated by the value of listening; to be engaged with the human relationship of sound in the environment, looking at three distinct urban ‘scapes’ (land, sound and texture).


Exhibition Opening Times: Wednesday-Sunday: 11am-5pm | Thursday: 11am-7pm | Closed: Monday-Tuesday

Address: BLANKSPACE | 43 Hulme Street | Manchester | M15 6AW | Tel: +44(0)161 222 6164

What’s on this week

Events this week from The Other Room calendar. The calendar is open access. If you have an experimental poetry, art or music event you want to publicise, feel free to post. If you would prefer us to post for you, email us at

Wednesday 25th November

Openned – the final reading: Andrea Brady; Ian Heames; Antony John; Geraldine Monk; Linus Slug; Timothy Thornton. The Foundry, London. 7.30 PM start. Free. More here.

Thursday 26th November

Alec Newman at Manchester Central Library: Reading from Alec Newman, poet and editor of Knives, Forks and Spoons press, with John G. Hall and Simon Rennie. 6 PM start.

Lemke/Gwilliam CD launch: Castlefield Art Gallery, Manchester 6-8pm. fourmill plus quarterinch is the duo of sound artists and improvising musicians Helmut Lemke and Ben Gwilliam. In this collaboration the two artists use different formats of audiotape; pre-recorded, prepared and unprepared. From individual banks of sound recordings on tape comes a subtle and often dense music that is both composed and improvised in concrete time.More here.

If Not This – Ben Gwilliam, Helmut Lemke, Lee Patterson, Matt Wand

As part of the Exhibition Not At This Address (1 August – 7 November), Bury Art Gallery presents an evening of new performances from four of Manchester’s most active Sound Artists working today. If not this is a survey of works that explores sound in performance, crossing the terrain where music and sound often meet inside and outside of Contemporary Art.

Ben Gwilliam performs ‘molto semplice e cantabile’ a new work for ice records and turntables on the relationship between opus 111 and listening descriptions. Helmut Lemke will perform a durational piece specifically for the gallery that utilises live sound and amplification. Lee Patterson will present a new work containing pre-recorded and improvised elements, where the recordings used are sourced from wire fences in Birtle and within bodies of water in the Bury Metropolitan area. Matt Wand will probably perform ‘I owe it to the girls’.

Bury Art Gallery
Friday 4 September

19.00-22.00 FREE

A Few Traces Left

As part of The European Night of Museums 2009 and Museums at Night, sound artists and musicians will perform a collaborative durational improvisation. Dense and sparse, loud and quiet, dialogues will evolve on and around one big table that will be their common work place in the gallery. Traces, marks, drawings plus projections of their actions will be left on the same table for the duration of the subsequent exhibition. 

Venue: Chapman Gallery, University of Salford, Chapman Building, Peel Park Campus, Salford, M5 4WT
Curated by Helmut Lemke & Ben Gwilliam
Saturday 16 May – Friday 05 June
Mon – Fri 10.00am – 4.00pm

Performance Date: Saturday 16 May, 7.00pm – 11.00pm