Camarade 61

7pm – Free Entry – Apiary Studios: 460 Hackney Rd, E2 9EG.
A stand alone Camarade poetry event in London to mark the beginning of 2016, the 61st event of it’s type curated by the Enemies project. Featuring: 
Tim Atkins & JJ Mars
Lavinia Singer & Ella Frears
John Canfield & Joe Turrent
Simone Gilson & Claudia Juhre
Liddy Gilbert & James Caley
Maren Nygard & Eley Williams
Sarah Kelly & Iris Colomb
Prudence Chamberlain & SJ Fowler
Farhana Khatun & Freya Harwood Bond
Molly Bergin & Megan Haycock
Olga Kolesnikova & Richard Scott
Susie Campbell & Mike West
Keely Laufer & Emma Mackilligin
Julia Lewis & Annabel Banks
Clover Peake & Giovanna Coppola

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