January Saturday 9th | 7.30pm, Apiary Studios, 458 Hackney Road, London, E2 9EG. Free Entry.
A World without Words will return to Apiary Studios on Hackney Road, London. Another exceptional panel of speakers and performers, exploring language, the human brain, aphasia and creativity, from the worlds of neuroscience and avant-garde art, will share new ideas and artworks, created specifically for the event. Featuring:

Dr. Daniel Margulies of the Max Planck Institute is a neuroscientist with a background in the humanities. His work consists of neuroanatomy that explores how connectivity within the cerebral cortex is organized, as well as ongoing collaborations that address the functional implications of this organization for spontaneous thought, or ‘mind-wandering’, amongst other things.

Josh Alexander is a film-maker and artist. He will present a newly commissioned piece of video art responding to the a World without Words project and it’s concerns.

Gillian Bridge is a resilience consultant specialising in brain and language development and the use of language affect on behaviour and communication. Her work also seeks an understanding and treating of dysfunctional behaviour (incl addictions) and developmental disorders (particularly autism and Asperger’s) in her practise as a psycholinguistic consultant.

Elena Agudio is a Berlin-based art historian and curator. She is artistic director of the non-profit association AoN – a platform for Neuroscience and Art, a project in collaboration with the Medical University of Charité, The School of Mind and Brain of the Humboldt University and the Institut für Raumexperimente led by Olafur Eliasson.

Christian Patracchini is an artist, writer and curator who works across different art forms, alternating between performance, text, sound and drawing. Within this commissioned performance he is interested in what constitutes a novelty and how thinking through movement can alter the force of thought.

Sarah Kelly creates works with text and handmade paper. Her work is concerned with pages (surfaces, interfaces and skins) and explores embodied language and mark making in connection with somatic bodies of knowledge. It encompasses poetics, sculptural paper making, movement, typography, calligraphy, translation and iteration. She will present a new commission on the night.
Admission is free and booking is not required. Email steven@sjfowlerpoetry.com for enquiries.

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