Support Shady Dealings with Language

Organising a second batch of Shady events with such wonders as Sharon Kivland, Karen Di Franco, Nathan Jones and Holly Pester.

Throw a few quid in the pot if you want to support such a fantastic idea, and I’ll bring events to Sheffield, Bristol, Liverpool and London,  working with the above artists and writers and a fist full more who are probing language through their arts practice.

2014 was the first year of Shady Dealings With Language. With 19 artists, writers, musicians, academics, filmmakers, poets, publishers, performers, I organised interdisciplinary day and evening events for four cities across England and Scotland to demonstrate and assess the intersections of art, writing and performance in contemporary art practices.

In 2016, with your support and the influence of Sharon, Karen, Nathan and Holly, I’ll do the same.

I’m writing up our Arts Council England grant application now. We’ll get a grant if I can prove with cold hard cash that you’re all interested in supporting and attending these events.

So if you can turn in the price of a pint, or even a pint of milk to contribute to equipment hire, printing and fees I’d be v grateful and I’ll get this beast on the road.

Thanks very much
Claire Potter

Have a look at what went on in 2014 here.

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