Mondo: The Global Avant Garde

Start date: Thursday 5th Nov 2015 Session times: Thursdays, 6.45 – 8.45pm, weekly. 5 sessions.

Explore a world of avant-garde poetry movements in SJ Fowler’s company and discover how their remarkable explorations in the written word often compliment, rather than antagonise, more formal writing practice. Over 5 sessions, 5 global avant-garde poetic movements will be used as references to springboard you into new writing techniques, stressing the possibility amidst the history. Covering five different movements of the post-war period, in five different nations, this course – with the energy, dynamism and invention of the writing it explores – will enrich anyone’s poetry horizons. Steven will organise a post-course reading for students on this course. See more at The Poetry School site.

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