Albion – Stephen Emmerson

The latest publication from Like This Press is Stephen Emmerson’s book-in-a-box, Albion.

Albion was generated at Inland Studios over 2 days in August during an installation organised by Stephen. Details of the original exhibition are available here:

This installation was centred around the work of William Blake.

An 8 foot by 8 foot pentagram was placed on the floor with a typewriter at each of the 5 points. There were 5 visual poems derived from Blake’s writing, and a 30 minute soundtrack that was played on a loop. Participants were asked to channel Blake and let him write through them, but the event was also a way for the audiovisual landscape to be translated into text.

Each box contains:

1 x introduction in an envelope

4 x hand-ripped poster poems

6 x photos

1 x 6 track CD

44 x hand-torn loose leafed transcriptions

Boxes can be purchased for £9 direct from Like This Press:

Stephen Emmerson is the author ofTelegraphic Transcriptions (Dept Press),Poems found at the scene of a murder(Zimzalla), The Last Word (Very Small Kitchen), A never ending poem…(Zimzalla), Pharmacopoetics (An Apple Pie Edition), and No Ideas but in Things (Dark Windows Press). He lives in London. More information about Stephen is available on his website at:

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