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Like This Press is delighted to announce the publication of three new titles: Blart & Kid by Andy Spragg, Neurotrash by James Russell, and When You Were a Mod I Was a Rocker by Robert Graham.

All titles can be purchased direct from Like This Press here:

Blart & Kid is a book-in-a-box comprising 1 x poetry pamphlet, 1 x photo book and 3 x postcards by Natalie Orme.

‘To Blart & Kid is a stop-start pile-up of angelically goofball, loosely metrical verse and a sharp chart of repetitive fear; a proprioceptive documentary-tale of an outrage only sometimes felt among the meek in a time of “well-pulped vocations and lost confidence”. Here between the clouds of overseer and overseen, Spragg shows you what’s yours and what’s not, and in the process enacts a kind of ontological crisis that is already blithely churned up by a cement-mixer, or “located in the foot-well of a minicab.’ – Amy De’Ath

‘To Blart and Kid sets itself the task of pushing a poetics of suburbia beyond a glib, broadsheet-endorsed clutch of epiphanies about the so-called ‘magic of the everyday’. The writing here edges into this territory, surveying the abandoned quarries, feeling out rents in the chainlink, sniffing ‘mildewed wood and/ stink leather’, but gradually enacts a landgrab, asserting itself over GCSE-syllabus verse via a frenetically inventive formal approach. Sure, there are rainswept cadences your average Faber wannabe would die for, but these are interspersed with notes of satirical belligerence which evoke nothing so much as Dada’s little-known Leatherhead branch. ‘Dozing and touching periphery’, Andy Spragg’s idiomatic cartography of the stockbroker belt is a remarkable phenomenological outing, in both senses of that word.’ – Joe Kennedy

Neurotrash seeks to to attend away from the popular neuroscience that envelops us, nodding to it in a distracted manner.  The idea that the brain sciences will dissolve deep mysteries is beyond parody and eventually it will go away. Meanwhile, we have the more serious and joyful business of poetry itself, which is capable of capturing the various nature of life and the way language can play in the deep waters.

When You Were a Mod I Was a Rocker is Like This Press’ first fiction title: a book-in-a-box comprising 7 individually bound short stories and 1 collection of flash fiction, with original illustrations by Hannah

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