Leanne Bridgewater – The Homophone Translator

Out now as free PDF and as mp3 on Beard of Bees.

“I realised I could use the sounds of a Polish man speaking to write poetry in English. This was the seed of the idea of The Homophone Translator. As a basis for the translation project, I wrote a short story, Silver Linear Cloud, in English. Then, I asked several competent translators to translate one or more of the nine sections of the story into other languages. I provided recordings of the English sections and they returned recordings of their language translation.

Once I received the foreign language translations, I “homophonically” translate the recorded words back into English. To do this, I listened to the sounds repeatedly until English words or sounds emerged I was interested in the process of constructing new poems, being inspired by sounds, rather than following the stereotypical path of seeing translation as an accurate transportation of meaning.”

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