The Tower of Babel

New from Like This Press, The Tower of Babel comprises a set of 24 original postcards and an essay, both by Rupert Loydell, together with an anthology of Babel poems, featuring: Philip Terry, Sheila E Murphy, Andy Brown, rob mclennan, A.C. Evans, H.L. Hix, Angela Topping, Paul Sutton, Peter Dent, Camille Martin, Ian Seed, David H.W. Grubb, Seren Adams, Andrea Moorhead, Jane Routh, John Mingay, Luke Kennard, Steven Waling, Alan Halsey, Peter Gillies, Bill O’Brien, Mike Ferguson, David Hart, Martin Stannard, Rupert M. Loydell, Mark Goodwin, Natasha Loydell, Ira Lightman. Each box is hand-stamped and lined with black tissue paper.


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