Commitment by Marianne Morris

Published May 2011, in collaboration with Bad Press

Limited edition has two-tone stencil cover and sparkly endpapers

Jonty Tiplady on Commitment:
Un dolce amaro, un si e no mi muovi: it is not enough to not commend. Reading this book, you are witness to what Pater calls ‘the struggle of a desolating passion, which yearns to be resigned and sweet and pensive’, and which then unaccountably is. Speed is not good enough, neither is poetry, the era of climate change is an error. I think of Prince confused by his experiments with ecstasy, he made Lovesexy. Morris knows that the psychic thing-cruelty of the art-thing is only almost unavoidable, and so the image-tail wags. Too too tout autre muse. Out of the strong came forth more sweetness. Not only should you read it, you should read it again slowly, and think on.

More here.

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