Thursday, December 20, 2012, 8:00pm. Vogue Fabrics, 66 Stoke Newington Road, London, N16 7XB.

An evening of film, poetry and sad disco.

Amy De’Ath
Marianne Morris
Sophie Mayer
Jeff Hilson
Samantha Walton
!more tbc!

Liz Rosenfeld

Sad Disco:
DJ Dr Kemp

In Utero: Intercapillary Places Poetry @ Parasol Unit

23 June · 19:00 – 20:30

Carol Watts: A talk on craniality, political economy & memory
Marianne Morris: Poems With Beats
Jakub Julian Ziolkowski: Exhibition ‘In Utero’

*** Free Drinks & ‘Interior Ears’ hand-out for all ***

£3 / £1.50 – for booking details see below

More info see: Intercapillary Places website https://sites.google.com/site/intercapillary/
Parasol Unit: http://www.parasol-unit.org/index.php

Important: As the capacity for the event is limited, please book in advance by emailing Charlotte Jones at events@parasol-unit.org or calling on 020 7490 7373 ext 20. Please be aware that if you haven’t booked in advance and turn up on the night, this is fine but if capacity is reached you may not be allowed in.

About the Speakers

Carol Watts is Reader in Literature and Poetics, Birkbeck, University of London; Co-Director, Birkbeck Centre for Research in Contemporary Poetics. She has published a study of Dorothy Richardson (Northcote House, 1995) and The Cultural Work of Empire: The Seven Years War and the Imagining of the Shandean State (Edinburgh: EUP, 2007). Her poetry publications include Wrack (Reality Street, 2007), brass, running (Equipage, 2006), When blue light falls (Oystercatcher, 2008) and alphabetise (Intercapillary Editions, hardback edition 2011). She is currently researching the transatlantic culture of loyalism during the American Revolution.

Marianne Morris was raised in London. She studied English Literature at Cambridge, and was the recipient of the Harper-Wood Studentship for Creative Writing from St. John’s College in 2008. She is now researching for a PhD in contemporary poetry at Dartington (University College Falmouth). She founded Bad Press in 2002. Publications include: Commitment (Critical Documents, 2011); Tutu Muse (Fly By Night Press, 2008); A New Book From Barque Press, Which They Will Probably Not Print (Barque Press, 2006); with Bad Press: Cocteau Turquoise Turning, Fetish Poems (2004); Gathered Tongue, Memento Mori (2003); Poems in Order (2002). Who Not To Speak To and Iran Documents are forthcoming from Acts of Language and Openned Press respectively.

‘Intercapillary Places: Poetry at Parasol Unit’ is organised by Edmund Hardy and Felicity Roberts

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Commitment by Marianne Morris

Published May 2011, in collaboration with Bad Press

Limited edition has two-tone stencil cover and sparkly endpapers

Jonty Tiplady on Commitment:
Un dolce amaro, un si e no mi muovi: it is not enough to not commend. Reading this book, you are witness to what Pater calls ‘the struggle of a desolating passion, which yearns to be resigned and sweet and pensive’, and which then unaccountably is. Speed is not good enough, neither is poetry, the era of climate change is an error. I think of Prince confused by his experiments with ecstasy, he made Lovesexy. Morris knows that the psychic thing-cruelty of the art-thing is only almost unavoidable, and so the image-tail wags. Too too tout autre muse. Out of the strong came forth more sweetness. Not only should you read it, you should read it again slowly, and think on.

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Bad Press: subjectivity liberated from the imperatives of purposive activity!

Poems, 4 Poets: Marianne Morris, Luke Roberts, Sophie Robinson, Josh Stanley.
£2.50 + £1 p&p / / $7.

Four poems/poets in one cultural transmission. All poems feature identifiable subjects, thereby furnishing the reader with that distinctly cozy-by-the-fire hint of the middle-brow, whilst maintaining all the feigned legitimacy of dialogue with poetic history that one would expect from a Bad Press publication. What the hell more do you want. CALL THE DOCTOR!

Visit the Bad Press site for more information.