Openned Zine #2

■Peter Philpott explaining reasons and motivations behind the Great Works website
■Save Middlesex Philosophy
■Emily Critchley and Carol Watts provide a schedule for the Women’s Innovative Poetry & Cross-Genre Festival in Greenwich
■Jeff Hilson, Edmund Hardy, Richard Owens and Peter Riley on Mendoza, or, Linus Slug
■Sejal Chad, Becky Cremin, Ryan Ormonde and Karen Sandhu on press free press
■Harry Gilonis Edmund Hardy, Tessa Whitehouse and Michael Zand on Klatch 3: Dérive
■Luke Roberts looks back on the Sussex Poetry Festival
■Stephen Mooney on the launch of the new Voiceworks website
■Matt Dalby on a new sound-text-performance series in Manchester, Counting Backwards
■Timothy Thornton close reads Ryan Ormonde’s firstdraftofhypertextrespondingtoalicefallingdownrabbithole
■Johanna Linsley on I’m With You, a series of live art events in Clapton, London
■Alex Davies on the Openned Table
Plus a set of regular new features:

■Birk Puke
■Photography: in this issue, Sharon Borthwick, Marianne Morris, Nat Raha and Malcolm Phillips
Available in full-colour PDF or an easy-to-print black and white version.

More here.

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