If Only..! Robert Sheppard and others at The Bluecoat


Wed 9 June 8pm Free!

Bluecoat Arts Centre, School Lane, Liverpool

The LAUNCH of Liverpool’s monthly melting pot of music, performance, dance, spoken word and the otherwise unclassifiable. If Only..!’s eclectic bills are brought to you by a group of Liverpool-based artists, curators and promoters in the spirit of celebration, exploration, provocation and revelation..!

Trinity Girls Brass Band [music]

The nation’s only all female brass band in virtuoso concert

Steve Lewis [music]

Original songs created from Lewis’s signature combination of voice, unexpected texts, bric-a-brac percussion and live sampling

Robert Sheppard [spoken word]

Sheppard performs new work exploring the poetics of space and launches Looking Thru’ a Hole in the Wall, a collaborative pamphlet created with Patricia Farrell

Maria Malone and Chris Murray Cover [dance/physical theatre] A duet between a girl and her bedclothes exploring the lands where addiction and dependence can lead.

Original concept by Marcus Drummond

Choreography and performance, Maria Malone and Christopher Murray with directorial input from Yorgos Karamalegos

LIC Studio and associate artists [dance/performance/music] Some of Liverpool’s finest improvisers and performers create a multi-disciplinary performance score

MC: Mandy Romero


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