Datableed #8

 Out now, with Brenda Iijima, Beth Hopkins, Catherine Wagner, David Buuck, Aristilde Kirby, James Goodwin, Colin Lee Marshall, Florence Uniacke, Allen Fisher, Black Ponds], Oscar Towe, Victoria Ward, Jonathan Skinner, Patricia Farrell, Angus Sinclair, Jill Khoury, Jennifer MacBain-Stephens, bruno neiva, Kathrine Sowerby, Sean Bonney, Lucia Sellars, Ethereal], Sarah Cave, Geoffrey Gatza, Ellen Dillon, hiromi suzuki, Will Maclean, Florence Lenaers, Robert Kiely, Rebecca Close, William Fuller, Tessa Berring, Carol Dalton, cris cheek, Saskia McCracken, Keith Tuma, Eleanor Careless & Dominic Hale.

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