Mark Leahy: February event preview

Mark Leahy will perform ‘his voice’ at our next event on February 17th. As usual the event is at the magnificent Castle Hotel on Oldham Street, Manchester. See the flier in the middle column for further details. Our other performers are Will Montgomery and Vicki Bennett & Gregor Weichbrodt. Bennett & Weichbrodt won’t be present on the night, instead their work will be performed by members of the audience.

Here is part of a description of ‘his voice’ from Mark Leahy’s excellent website:

“A body of text gathered via online searches for “his voice sounded like” was edited to develop two- or three-word phrases. These phrases were then used to search Twitter. In the live event the outcome of this search process is converted to audio using text-to-speech software. This audio is delivered via headphones to the performer who attempts to speak it to the audience.”

Read more about this project and the many others that Mark has been involved in – HERE

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