Blackbox Manifold #15

Editors Adam Piette & Alex Houen at Blackbox Manifold are pleased to announce the launch of its fifteenth issue, with work by Chris Andrews, Tara Bergin, Rob Burton, James Coghill, Christopher Cokinos, Adam Day, Darren Demaree, Mark Greenwood, David Hadbawnik, Alan Halsey, Amaan Hyder, Peter Larkin, Agnes Lehoczky, Sophie Mayer, Drew Milne, Helen Moore, Geraldine Monk, Christopher Mulrooney, Burgess Needle, Eleanor Perry, Cal Revely-Calder, Mike Saunders & Todd Swift. The issue also features a section on the poetic sequence, with essays by Charles Bernstein (“Reznikoff’s Nearness”), Rachel Blau DuPlessis (“Some Interpretive Puzzles within Seriality”), Alan Halsey (“Some Possibly Connected Remarks on Sequences”) & Robin Purves (“The Value of Inconsistency: John Wilkinson and ‘Facing Port Talbot’”). Adam Piette reviews the work of Monica Berlin & Beth Marzoni and Attila Dósa reviews Edwin Morgan’s letters, edited by James McGonigal & John Coyle. More here.

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