What Do You Want From the Art World?

What Do You Want From the Art World? 

A new artists book by Andy Parsons & Glenn Holman

Glenn Holman and Andy Parsons of Floating World were commissioned by Visual Artists Ireland to create an artists book as part of their 20:20 vision initiative looking into the future of the visual arts in Ireland.

Through a series of workshops held on Friday 15th May 2015, during Get Together at the Irish Museum of Modern Art, artists were interviewed about what they want from the art world and their visual and verbal opinions and comments transcribed as accurately as possible in ‘real time’ as images, texts, collages and general observations. The robot is a deliberately obvious reference to the future, but it served the more useful purpose of creating a neutral place for artists to place their ideas. The comedic element helped to elicit more frank and open contributions. We thought of it something akin to Golem, a hard to define entity that will nonetheless work tirelessly for it’s creators. This art work is a compendium of peoples response to the question:

What Do You Want From the Art World?

In a first for Floating World this book is available solely as A PDF for free distribution. We hope that it entertains and contributes to the ongoing dialogue.

 Floating World are Andy Parsons & Glenn Holman with assistance on this project and with huge thanks to Glenn Gannon.

LINK to webpage LINK to book

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