Berlin Camarade

The Berlin Camarade will pair 32 poets to write new collaborations especially for this event, drawing from the extraordinary poetry scene of Berlin, one of the most dynamic avant-garde hubs in Europe. Berlin as a brilliant, poetic, communal landscape of literature will be revealed across the possibilities of collaboration.
June Tuesday 23rd8pm at {Mehringdamm 61, 10961 Berlin, Germany}. Entrance fee of 5€ (4€ reduced for students). All proceeds go entirely to Lettretage.
The event will be split into two acts, with 16 poets in 8 pairs presenting brand new collaborations in each. Curated in partnership with Lettretage.
Beginning at 8pm
Monika Rinck & Nele Brönner
Sam Langer & Jeroen Nieuwland
Catherine Hales & Brigitte Oleschinski
Polly Dickson & Esther Yi
Lara Rüter & Georg Leß
Alexander Gumz & Christoph Szalay
Laura Elliott & Angus Sinclair
Max Czollek & Ernesto Estrella
Beginning at 9.30pm
Andreas Bülhoff & Charlotte Warsen
Martin Jackson & Mike Saunders
Birgit Kreipe & Yevgeniy Breyger
Christiane Heidrich & Rike Scheffler
SJ Fowler & Daniela Seel
Tom Bresemann & Alexander Filyuta
Eugene Ostashevsky & Norbert Lange
Cia Rinne & Uljana Wolf

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