Clive and Robin Fencott: Augmented Cyber/Text Performance

A taste of what is to come at The Other Room on July 2nd for our evening of technopoetics, as described by Clive Fencott:

“The text as a catalyst for performance, the poem/piece realised through performance, the text thus lost in performance rather than an end in itself, has been of particular interest to and a way of working for sound poets and others for many years.

The ergodic text, and in particular the cybertext, the dynamic presentation of lexia, selections/creations of a text in response to the reader’s interaction with it through digital means, has been a growing phenomena for over 3 decades now.

This performance is an exploration of the augmented cyber/text as a dynamic entity in performance; the use of both the real and the virtual as augmentation. For instance, the the tactile interaction with the text, in the process of perception, generates data for the augmentation, the digital completion of the audible and/or visual performance.

In this process the text reasserts itself in performance: becomes a player in amongst the performer(s).”

The other performers are Hazel Smith and Roger Dean. Full previews to follow.

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