Black & BLUE Illuminations press web_Page_1


Black & BLUE is pleased to present ILLUMINATIONS, a radical new exhibition showing at The Crypt Gallery, London, from the 19th – 21st June. The exhibition explores textual art through a
variety of different media; sculpture, photography, film, painting, ceramics, textiles and works on paper. Featuring works by Robert Montgomery; Julius Kalamarz; Lara Popovic; Anna Pickles Harvey; Hyeran Han; Celia Wickham; Andie Mckenzie Meadows; Lillian Wilkie; Dario Srbic; Kerry O’connor; Simone Barnes; Lindenberg Munroe; Anna Klimentchenko; Christabel Macgreevy; Emma Kelsey; Lewis Lazar; Dane Weatherman; Charles Ogilvie; Stephen Emmerson; Kirsty Andrew; Daniel Leyland; Alice O’Neill. Click on the image to read the catalogue.

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