Intercapillary Places: Mystery & Medicine

Parasol unit foundation for contemporary art, 14 Wharf Road, London N1 7RW. Thursday 10 April, 7 pm.

Three speakers will examine medical history and poetry, place and allegory. Tessa Whitehouse will focus on a literary exploration of the medical geography of Moorfields in East London into the 18th century; Fabian MacPherson will read poetry drawn from medical and scientific text and Edmund Hardy will speak on the relationship between alchemy, power and language.

Tessa Whitehouse is a lecturer in English at Queen Mary University of London. Her first book, The Textual Culture of English Protestant Dissent, 1720-1800 is contracted to Oxford University Press.

Fabian MacPherson is a poet based in London. His pamphlet ‘A Waspshire Lad’ was published by Crater Press (2012).

Edmund Hardy is a writer and publisher. His critical work on the history of poetry and dialectic Complex Crosses is forthcoming from Contraband Books. He co-edits the small press Capsule Editions who are dedicated to the essay form.

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