Typewriter – an artist book for writing

Written using ‘Q’ by mIEKAL aND, ‘W’ by Alice Simpson, ‘E’ by E – Ambassadeur d’Utopia, Ana Buigues, ‘R’ by Carl Baker, Julie Shaw Lutts, ‘T’ by Maria Pisano, Janelle Scolaro, ‘Y’ by Halvard Johnson, ‘U’ by Maria Pisano, ‘I’ by INTERLICHTSPIELHAUS, ‘O’ by Ana Buigues, ‘P’ by Dennis Ruud, Peter Bushell, ‘A’ by Margaret Lammerts, Ama Bolton, Leonard Seastone, Avril Makula, ‘S’ by Dennis Ruud, Maria Pisano, ‘D’ by Erin K. Schmidt, ‘F’ by Ana Buigues, ‘G’ by Peter Ciccariello, ‘H’ by Ana Buigues, ‘J’ by Ana Buigues, ‘K’ by Katerina Nikoltsou (MomKat), ‘L’ by Ethan Walker, ‘Z’ by Ama Bolton, ‘X’ by Bill Dimichele, Andrew Topel, Emily J. Martin, ‘C’ by Marilyn R. Rosenberg, ‘V’ by Nick Mattan, Ana Buigues, ‘B’ by Jim Andrews, ‘N’ by Bjørn Magnhildøen, ‘M’ by Jeff Harrison.

More here.

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