Caesura #16

Friday, 13 September 2013, 19:00. Artisan Bar, 35 London Rd, Edinburgh, EH7 5BQ.

Description Bespoke spoken word performances at Edinburgh’s monthly night of racketeers and raconteurs, experiments and experience, synapses and sounds. Avante-jive for the masses.

This month we’re back at the Arty with a very special line-up and some exclusive collaborations. Featuring:


SJ Fowler is a poet, artist, martial artist & vanguardist living in London. He’s published 4 books of poetry and has had works commissioned by the Tate, the London Sinfonietta, Mercy and Penned in the Margins. He is poetry editor of 3am magazine and curator of the Enemies project.


Tom Jenks has published three collections with if p then q: A Priori (2008), * (2010), and items, a 1000 fragment verbivocovisual sequence, published in 2013. He co-organises The Other Room reading series and administers the avant objects imprint zimZalla. He has written four collaborations with Chris McCabe for SJ Fowler’s Camarade project. Recent publications include slugs/snails and An Anatomy of Melancholy. A 100 poem sequence with accompanying visuals, streak artefacts, has just been published by Department Press. He is a PhD student at Edge Hill University, where he is researching digital technology and innovative poetry.


Rob A Mackenzie was born in Glasgow and lives in Leith. His second full collection, The Good News, was published in April 2013 by Salt. His first, The Opposite of Cabbage, appeared in 2009. He has also published a couple of pamphlets. He is reviews editor for Magma Poetry magazine and has been a supporter of live poetry.for several years, founding the legendary Poetry At The… reading series in Edinburgh which ran from 2006-2011. His blog, Surroundings, was possibly the most popular poetry blog in the UK for at least 10 minutes, sometime around 2009.


Hal Duncan’s VELLUM was nominated for the World Fantasy Award, and won the Spectrum, Kurd Lasswitz and Tähtivaeltaja. Along with the sequel, INK, other publications include the novella ESCAPE FROM HELL!, the chapbook AN A-Z OF THE FANTASTIC CITY, and a poetry collection, SONGS FOR THE DEVIL AND DEATH, with a short story collection forthcoming from Lethe Press. He wrote the lyrics for Aereogramme’s “If You Love Me, You’d Destroy Me” and the musical, NOWHERE TOWN. Homophobic hatemail once dubbed him “THE…. Sodomite Hal Duncan!!” (sic.) You can find him online at, revelling in that role.

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