Complete Enemies exhibition films

SJ Fowler’s epic Enemies exhibition and series of events at the Hardy Tree gallery has now drawn to a close, with the following films online:

Closing night – July 20th

Ensemble reading of everyone in attendance & goodbye
Sandeep Parmar & James Byrne
James Davies (& Tom Jenks)
POW – July 18th
Ensemble reading of Antonio Claudio Carvalho
SJ Fowler & Ryan Van Winkle cover Chris McCabe
Contemporary Poetics Research Centre – July 15th
ensemble cover of Will Rowe
ensemble cover of Carol Watts
Voice art – July 8th
Quite possibly the most intense event I’ve been a part of. Truly amazing pictures of the event can be found here, by Alexander Kell
SJ Fowler: Apologia for St Christopher
Emma Bennett: Call song alarm
Holly Pester: Cross stitch
Dylan Nyoukis, Ben Morris & SJ Fowler: Everybody’s people
Opening night – July 6th
Here’s a gallery of photos I managed to take during the exhibition events

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