Maggie O’Sullivan at Edge Hill

Maggie O’Sullivan
Rose Theatre (the Arts Centre, Edge Hill)

31st October 7.30-9.00


Maggie O’ Sullivan was born in Lincolnshire to Irish parents. Poet, artist, editor, publisher, she has performed her work and published internationally since the late 1970s. In 1996 she edited Reality Street’s now classic anthology of innovative writing by women, Out of Everywhere (see below). Her work has been anthologised widely, including in Poems for the Millennium Vol 2. She lives in the Pennines outside Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire. Charles Bernstein concludes: ‘O’Sullivan cleaves to charm: striating song with the visceral magic of shorn insistence.’

Just published by Reality Street in the form of five visually rich text sequences, Waterfalls is a companion to red shifts, both works comprising the poetic project her/story:eye (1994-99).

Maggie O’Sullivan at

●       WATERFALLS (new paperback edition: Hastings: Reality Street, 2012)
●       murmur (London: Veer Books, 2011)
●       ALTO (London: Veer Books, 2009)
●       WATEFALLS (Buckfastleigh, Devon: etruscan books, 2009)
●       Windows Opening (Brooklyn, New York: Belladonna Chapbook #108, Belladonna Books, 2007)
●       Body of Work (Hastings: Reality Street, 2006)
●       “all origins are lonely” (London: Veer Books, 2003)
●       Palace of Reptiles (Ontario: The Gig, 2003)
●       red shifts (Buckfastleigh, Devon: etruscan Books, 2001)
●       etruscan reader III (Buckfastleigh, Devon: etruscan books, 1997)
●       that bread should be (London: RWC issue 35, 1996)
●       Ellen’s Lament (Toronto: PUSHYbroadsides, 1993)
●       In the House of the Shaman (London: Reality Street, 1993)

She has performed a number of times at Edge Hill and this reading represents a welcome return to celebrate Waterfalls.

Also reading: Joanne Ashcroft and Tom Jenks.

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