Arvon Experimental Poetry course


Sep 18th – Sep 23rd 2017. Lumb Bank, The Ted Hughes Arvon Centre, Heptonstall , Hebden Bridge, HX7 6DF. With Scott Thurston, Harriet Tarlo and Maggie O’Sullivan.

This course is suitable for poets who would like to explore innovative poetic techniques, throw over old habits, or push their work further. You will be encouraged to explore a diversity of poetic forms and uses of language, such as open form, collage and juxtaposition. Your tutors will bring to bear their background in the UK’s innovative poetry scene, introducing you to the approaches of British and American experimental poets as a means of encouraging you to play and take risks in your own work. They will also help you explore some of the many ways of setting off into the unknown, and returning enriched, wiser, changed. More details here.

Peter Barlow’s Cigarette 23 – O’Sullivan, Thorogood, Williams, Matsumoto

Peter Barlow’s Cigarette #23 – ft. Lila Matsumoto, Maggie O’Sullivan, Luke Thorogood, Chrissy Williams


An afternoon of alternative poetries
Saturday, June 24, 4.00 – 6.00, Waterstones, Deansgate
Free entry, free wine


’s publications include Soft Troika (If a Leaf Falls Press) and Allegories from my Kitchen (Sad Press). Lila’s poetry and criticism have been published in a variety of journals and anthologies including Jacket2, Tripwire, Zarf, and Journal of British and Irish Innovative Poetry. She has performed at places such as SoundEye Festival and Little Sparta garden of Ian Hamilton Finlay. Lila teaches creative writing at the University of Nottingham, where she she convenes the Nottingham Poetry Series:

‘s page at Pennsound ( is a primary resource for online recordings of her readings/performances. Her website is

writes about and through the ‘other’, using created characters to explore voice and form. He previously edited Three and a half point 9, and is currently the artwork editor for the Black Market Review. He is completing a masters in Creative Writing at Edge Hill, focusing on writing as created poets. He writes and creates for, along with a group of other writers, part of The Pollyverse, a multimedia extended story world around the adventures of Polly St. Irene.

is a poet and editor living in London. She has published various poetry pamphlets and her first full collection BEAR has just been published by Bloodaxe. She is director of the annual Free Verse: Poetry Book Fair and currently works as editor on the bestselling comic The Wicked + The Divine.

Maggie O’Sullivan – a preview

The next Other Room is on Monday 3rd October at The Castle Hotel, Manchester, featuring Susan Bee, Charles Bernstein and Maggie O’Sullivan. 7 PM start, free entry, as always.

This clip is of Maggie O’Sullivan’s interpretation of the letter L, part of our celebration of Bob Cobbing’s The ABC in Sound in October 2012. For more clips of Maggie, see her page at Penn Sound or her performance as part of the Other Room’s Poems for the Millennium launch in October 2010.

Maggie O’Sullivan has been making and performing her work internationally since the mid 1970s. Anthology appearances include Poems for the Millennium, Volume 2. She is the editor of out of everywhere: an anthology of contemporary linguistically innovative poetry by women in North America and the UK (1996). Books include eXcLa with Bruce Andrews (1993), In the House of the Shaman (1996), red shifts (2001), Palace of Reptiles (2003), all origins are lonely (2003) and Body of Work (2006), WATERFALLS (2009), ALTO (2009), and murmur (2011). The Salt Companion to Maggie O’Sullivan (2011) collects essays by contemporaries on her work. Her author page at Pennsound is a primary resource for online recordings of her readings/performances. Her website is

Coming next

Oct 2016 20160720

Thanks to all who came along last night for a hot and sultry Other Room. Our next event is in the cool of early October and it’s a really special one. We’re very  pleased to be hosting Charles Bernstein and Susan Bee, over from the US. Maggie O’Sullivan completes the line-up to make a real power trio. Hope to see you there.

Maggie O’Sullivan at Edge Hill

Maggie O’Sullivan
Rose Theatre (the Arts Centre, Edge Hill)

31st October 7.30-9.00


Maggie O’ Sullivan was born in Lincolnshire to Irish parents. Poet, artist, editor, publisher, she has performed her work and published internationally since the late 1970s. In 1996 she edited Reality Street’s now classic anthology of innovative writing by women, Out of Everywhere (see below). Her work has been anthologised widely, including in Poems for the Millennium Vol 2. She lives in the Pennines outside Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire. Charles Bernstein concludes: ‘O’Sullivan cleaves to charm: striating song with the visceral magic of shorn insistence.’

Just published by Reality Street in the form of five visually rich text sequences, Waterfalls is a companion to red shifts, both works comprising the poetic project her/story:eye (1994-99).

Maggie O’Sullivan at

●       WATERFALLS (new paperback edition: Hastings: Reality Street, 2012)
●       murmur (London: Veer Books, 2011)
●       ALTO (London: Veer Books, 2009)
●       WATEFALLS (Buckfastleigh, Devon: etruscan books, 2009)
●       Windows Opening (Brooklyn, New York: Belladonna Chapbook #108, Belladonna Books, 2007)
●       Body of Work (Hastings: Reality Street, 2006)
●       “all origins are lonely” (London: Veer Books, 2003)
●       Palace of Reptiles (Ontario: The Gig, 2003)
●       red shifts (Buckfastleigh, Devon: etruscan Books, 2001)
●       etruscan reader III (Buckfastleigh, Devon: etruscan books, 1997)
●       that bread should be (London: RWC issue 35, 1996)
●       Ellen’s Lament (Toronto: PUSHYbroadsides, 1993)
●       In the House of the Shaman (London: Reality Street, 1993)

She has performed a number of times at Edge Hill and this reading represents a welcome return to celebrate Waterfalls.

Also reading: Joanne Ashcroft and Tom Jenks.

The ABC in Sound Ensemble for The Other Room 35: Bob Cobbing A Celebration

THE ENSEMBLE: Tim Allen, Joanne Ashcroft, Richard Barrett, Leanne Bridgewater, Matt Dalby, Phil Davenport, James Davies, Ollie Evans, Patricia Farrell, Clive Fencott, Alan Halsey, Michael Haslam, Tom Jenks, Angela Keaton, Geraldine Monk, Maggie O’Sullivan, Holly Pester, Robert Sheppard, Adrian Slatcher, Chris Stephenson, Scott Thurston, Gareth Twose, Steven Waling, Steve Willey and Nigel Wood.

Visit Ubu at the LINK to hear letters d, p and t of the ABC in Sound.

The Other Room 35 takes place at The Castle Hotel, Oldham Street, Manchester, M2 4PD. Tuesday 23rd October 2012, 7.00 pm. FREE

Maggie O’Sullivan at eclipse

An important addition to the essential online archive sees eight of Maggie O’Sullivan’s early books now available for free reading and download:

Concerning Spheres, 1982
An Incomplete Natural History, 1984
Un-Assuming Personas, 1985
A Natural History in 3 Incomplete Parts, 1985
From the Handbook of That & Furriery, 1986
Divisions of Labour, 1986
States of Emergency, 1987
Unofficial Word, 1988

plus  eXcLa (1993, written in collaboration with Bruce Andrews). The first eight titles are also available in black and white facsimile in Maggie’s book Body of Work (Reality Street, 2006).

New books from Reality Street

Poet, editor, publisher and translator Paul Brown has been absent from the poetry scene for some years. This complete collection of his poetry  from the 1980s, the lost third of a trilogy (the first two books were Meetings & Pursuits (1978) and Masker (1982)), is long overdue.
For more information and to buy, click here.
May 2012, 978-1-874400-56-1, 108pp, price £9

Maggie O’Sullivan: WATERFALLS
At last the paperback version of a book only previously available as a limited edition from Etruscan Books. Five visually rich text sequences originally dating from the 1990s.
For more information and to buy, click here.
May 2012, 978-1-874400-57-8, 82pp, price £9

ENVIRONMENTAL UTTERANCE – A Performative Conference

University College Falmouth invites submissions for ENVIRONMENTAL UTTERANCE – A Performative Conference – Sat 1 to Sun 2 September 2012. Submission Deadline: Saturday 31 March 2012. Across disciplines academics and artists are researching and creating practices that are highly contextual (determined by the environment in which they are located), exploring ways of articulating specific environments, spaces or places. This conference examines a specific problematic that attends the dissemination of this work: how to engage with ‘being there’ when ‘there’ is not here? For more information, see the programme.

The Salt Companion to Maggie O’Sullivan

Maggie O’Sullivan has been a significant force in the alternative British poetry scene since the 1970s. Her international reputation has continued to grow and she is widely regarded as one of the foremost feminist avant-garde writers working in Britain today.

This new volume of essays and interviews locates O’Sullivan in the wider context of contemporary British poetry and draws to light the wide-ranging influences which inform her work and her own influence upon a new generation of feminist avant-garde writing.

Tackling textual, visual and sound elements in her work her poetry is complex, challenging and rewarding. O’Sullivan is also a compelling performer of her work. Thematically she is capable of tackling animal vegetable and mineral ideas in her writing, drawing on mythological and even shamanistic components that are provocative and sensual.

This volume contains contributions from Charles Bernstein, Mandy Bloomfield, Ken Edwards, Romana Huk, Peter Manson, Nicky Marsh, Peter Middleton, Maggie O’Sullivan, Redell Olsen, Marjorie Perloff, Will Rowe, Robert Sheppard, Scott Thurston and Nerys Williams.

For more information, visit the Salt website.

The Other Room 20 and 21: recordings now available

Recordings of The Other Room’s launch event for Poems of the Millennium Volume 3 with Allen Fisher, Maggie O’Sullivan, Jeffrey C. Robinson, Jerome Rothenberg and others and The Other Room 21, with Neil Addison and Louise Woodcock.

The Other Room 20, October 19th 2010. Launch event for Poems for the Millennium Volume 3.

Allen Fisher

Maggie O’Sullivan

Jerome Rothenberg

Readings from Poems for the Millennium Volume 3
James Davies, Allen Fisher, Tom Jenks, Maggie O’Sullivan, Jeffrey C. Robinson, Jerome Rothenberg, Scott Thurston

The Other Room 21, 1st December 2010

Neil Addison
(audio only)

Louise Woodcock