Syntax: Coding for Writers 23rd and 30th June

OPEN CALL FOR PRACTITIONERS to take part in this workshop opportunity FREE OF CHARGE at FACT in Liverpool.

This is practical and thorough opportunity aimed at strong, established writers who are willing to experiment. No experience of coding is necessary though.

There’s lots of rhetoric around the need for this kind of knowledge for writers in the contemporary environment, and Mercy and FACT are keen to support the long-term establishment of expertise in this area. We are also influenced by the presence of Re:dock’s network and others like it in Liverpool and Manchester, where artists are engaging with coding in a playful and open way.


Processing is a programming environment which allows for all kinds of automated functions – appropriating, generating and animating text, integrating online content into your poems – and also interactivity. The workshops will be run by Tom Schofield, who is an established practitioner, and very aware of the particular requirements of working with text and Processing. Examples of things you can build in Processing are too numerous to mention, suffice to say there are implications for showing work as installation, on-line publication, video and in performance. As well as making your own work with support from Tom, you develop a pretty good idea of the possibilities of collaboration with more experienced coders.


To apply please send a short statement of interest, bio and links to your work. Applicants will be chosen on the basis of their ability to contribute to a network of strong writers seeking support each other in experimenting with digital poetics – so good writing, experience and aptitude for contributing to critical conversations, and established practice.


You must be available to attend the workshops on 10am-5pm Saturdays 23rd and 30th June.

Between these workshops you will be expected and supported by the course leader, to complete homework tasks, developing your own work with Processing.

The workshops are FREE, paid for by FACT’s Open Curate It programme, and represent a continuation of this experimental workshop we did with Re-dock at Madlab last year, which were funded by Ideastap.

There are limited travel bursaries available from Mercy, funded by an Arts Council England GFA award, please indicate if you would like to be considered for one of these.

For info and to apply please email

[application deadline 25th May]

LINK to Mercy for more details


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