A Future / No Future Poetry Experiment with Poetry Wales

7 April at 7 PM. Jacobs Market, West Canal Wharf, Cardiff, CF10 5DB.

Cardiff Poetry Experiment will launch Poetry Wales’s new Future/No Future issue with an evening of live poetry at Jacob’s Antiques in Cardiff.

What happens to language when the future keeps getting cancelled?

Nathan Jones, Peter Finch, Ailbhe Darcy and Julia Rose Lewis will read and perform from the new issue which explores futurism, utopia, dystopia and the ‘lossy present’.

Organised by Poetry Wales and the Cardiff Poetry Experiment, supported by the School of English, Communication and Philosophy, Cardiff University.

Nathan Jones at Club Big, Home theatre, Manchester

Club Big: Feb 10 2017

At the centre of John Hyatt: Rock Art is Club Big, a fully kitted-out pop-up music club. John Hyatt is your magical master of ceremonies, introducing the best breakthrough live music and performance every Friday from 18:00 – 21:00. Hosting bands, soloists, the supernatural and the dramatic and featuring the Club Big House Band (provided by Cacophany Arkestra), our host Anastasia, and fully licensed bar. All events are free to attend.

Our line-up for Friday Feb 10 is:

Danielle Swindells: The Ashleigh Hotel

A short documentary filmed inside of The Ashleigh Hotel, once a seaside guesthouse hosting “bucket and spade” holiday-goers. It closed its doors to the public in 1982 to become a House of Multiple Occupation; now a permanent home to a group of Blackpool residents estranged from their social networks. The site was visited alone by the filmmaker over a period of five weeks and is a response to the exilic position of its residents.

Nathan Jones

Nathan Jones performs from his traumatictime series, based on two statements by Rosi Braidotti: “language is compressing, cracking under the weight of the anthropocene” and “post truth is the white male body cracking under the pressure of its own lies”. What are these cracks and what leaks out from them? poems.

Nathan is a poet and artist based in Liverpool. He teaches art writing at Liverpool John Moores University and is REID funded cross disciplinary scholar at Royal Holloway University of London. His work has recently featured on programmes at Foundation for Art and Creative Technology (FACT) in Liverpool, Transmediale in Berlin and Parasol in London. His essay/poetry pamphlet A Cloud of Birds Also Formlessly Flocking on Top of a Lake is published by Dock Road Press, and his journalism and poetry can be found on new media blog Furtherfield and in Poetry Wales, Datableed and Art Monthly.

Ruby Tingle

Though working predominately in collage, Ruby Tingle’s practice expands into music and performance. She deconstructs and reworks familiar images, objects, and sounds to assemble ambiguous and extraordinary forms. Ruby’s practice is grounded in natural history, and her practice is littered with references to creatures that share the globe. Her unique appearance characterises her work and offers her an opportunity to place herself within her work. Her works deal with a private symbolism and employ self-portraiture as a tool to exist vicariously in between states. These transformations allow Ruby to create an alternate folklore and natural history where boundaries between human and animal are obscured. Performance is used as a platform for the large-scale translation of these ideas, often utilising life drawing as an interactive element and theme. Ruby uses her body as a living portrait, forcing her interaction with the three-dimensional collage installations she creates. Music, often comprised of sonic collage pieces from original recorded instrumentation and sound samples, operate alongside these visual works and can support them audibly. The ‘cutting up’ and manipulation of personal conceptual songs form new responsive sound pieces to score live works, whilst physical releases act as art object editions.



Storm and Golden Sky at the Caledonia

Sarah Crewe and Nathan Jones. Friday 29th April.

Up the stairs (at the back of the barroom) at the Caledonia pub, Catharine Street, in the Georgian Quarter, Liverpool, £5, 7.30 pm spot-on start!

Nathan Jones is a poet and writer based in Liverpool. His current work mixes technological forms of composition and production with autobiographical subject matter.  He is currently PhD student at Royal Holloway University of London exploring the concept of “Glitch Poetics” and the impact of technology on contemporary poetry. He is also co-editor of mind-language-technology publisher Torque, and director of literature and performance agency Mercy 2003. His book length poem Noah’s Ark was published by Henningham Family Press. He also writes criticism for new media blog Furtherfield and Art Monthly. He is co-host of Storm and Golden Sky!

Sarah Crewe is from the Port of Liverpool. Her work focuses largely on working class feminist psychogeography. Her latest publication is urchin (dancing girl press 2016.) Previous chapbooks includeRWF/RAF,a collaboration with Pascal O’Loughlin,(Stinky Bear Press 2015) sea witch (Leafe Press,2014) andflick invicta (Oystercatcher,2012.) She collaborates frequently with Sophie Mayer and her work can be heard at the Archive of the Now website. She will be starting a Masters in Poetry:Innovative Practice and Research at the University of Kent in September.

Storm is run by Nathan Jones, Eleanor Rees, Michael Egan and Robert Sheppard.

Syndrome 2.3: Caroline Bergvall – Drift

adv. £5 / £6/7 on door
8pm // TUESDAY 7th OCT
24 Kitchen Street, Liverpool

Drift takes you on a journey through time and space, where languages mix, where the ancient cohabits with the present.

Internationally renowned writer and performer Caroline Bergvall teams up with the Norwegian percussionist Ingar Zach, Swiss visual artist and programmer Thomas Köppel and Swiss dramaturge Michel Pralong for this unique and extraordinary performance concert. Using live voice, live percussion and 3D text treatments, they create a dense, moveable and abstract universe of drifting, shifting, sounding language mass. An intensely hypnotic work.

Drift invents a language of connections and of extremes: from Anglo-Saxon and ancient Nordic seafaring literature to rare pop songs to human rights reports of contemporary sea migrants’ disaster. A complex and haunting meditation on sea travel, exile and history. A contemporary elegy.

Inspired by the anonymous Anglo-Saxon poem The Seafarer, Drift was originally commissioned for the festival lost.last.gru by Grü/Transtheatre, Geneva. It recently opened Shorelines Festival of the Sea, Southend-on-Sea, to great acclaim.

Thank heaven for Caroline Bergvall, an artist and poet pushing the boundaries of language in a blogged-up and twittering world.
– The Guardian

This is a truly international show and the premiere of DRIFT in the UK – make sure you can say that you were there!
– Rachel Lichtenstein, writer and curator of Shorelines

More here.

Syndrome 2.1: Choros

Click image for more details.

A room-as-instrument devised by artist Jamie Gledhill with sound artist Stefan Kazassoglou, using an array of computers attached to X-box Kinect devices. This project brings together popularly available motion capture technology with 3D audio set up into a unique experiential and performative artwork.

The work will allow for the dynamics and speed of a users movement within the space form a live illustrative mapping on the walls, and for sound to be literally ‘thrown’ across the 3D space by a performer – and members of the public as active participators in their own performative moment with the work.

The CHOROS installation will be open for playing and viewing from 10 – 4pm on 22nd – 24th August. Entering the space, the movements of your limbs will be traced by light and sound across a 3D axis using projections and an ambisonic speaker array. Entry is free for all, and suitable for all ages.

A launch event will feature a brand new movement work by SJ Fowler in which he explores the ritual and violence of martial arts:

The Book of Five Rings by SJ FOWLER
The Book of Five Rings is an unforgettable exploration of physicality and martial spirituality through cutting edge avant garde theatre and performance. And while each Ring will be decidedly different, each a unique, responsive production to its subject, as a whole, they will form an unforgettable tale of a universal human expression, battle without violence, war without war.

no. 1: Pugilistica UK / US (western boxing)
A conceptual performance exploring the sport of Boxing. SJ Fowler takes the audience through a boxing workout with a different, shadow boxing with a complex, cutting edge technological rig, so that each movement has a responsive light and sound reaction. An exhausting, explosive performance of light and sound
The work will then be available to view from 21st – 24th August.


Fri Jun 06 2014 at 08:00 pm
RichMix, 35 – 47 Bethnal Green Road, London, United Kingdom

The future of speech, language systems and techno-cognition combined as a one-off show for the theatre at Rich Mix.

This multimedia performance night features top practitioners from fields of poetry, live coding, dance, diy robotics, classical music, animation and theatre, entwined into a twisted symphony of voice, light, bodies and sound.

Oliver Coates
NEW COMMISSION comprising cello, electronics and field recordings, alongside ‘Oraison’ by Messiaen, one of the first compositions written for electronic instruments. Accompanied by newly commissioned video works by Sam Skinner.

Holly Pester
HANNAH WEINER’S CODE POEMS: a re-staging of Hannah Weiner’s 1960’s work, a poem/performance score using the coded signalling system for ships at sea.

Alex McLean & Kate Siccio
BODY CODE creates a feedback loop and conversation through code, music, choreography, and dance.

Karl Heinz Jeron
SIM GISHEL is a multi-media robot. He sings and dances for money, and tries hard to take part in casting shows to become a pop-star.

Nathan Jones & Mark Greenwood
THE NODES series of conversations as radical language events, proposing a future for speech beyond communication.

Torque [LIVE]is part of the Torque programme, exploring the twisting together of language, brain and technology in the 21st century.
TICKETS: http://www.richmix.org.uk/whats-on/event/torque-twisting-language-brain-technology/