Klatch 2

*Klatch 2* is now available as a PDF download from Openned. The magazine was assembled on Friday 29th January 2010. It features work by: Alex Davies, Amy De’Ath, Edmund Hardy,Elizabeth Guthrie, Francesca Lisette, Georgie M’Glug, Johanna Linsley, Karen Sandhu,Linus Slug, Michael Zand, Nat Raha, Rebecca Cremin, Sophie Robinson, Steve Willey,Tessa Whitehouse, Tim Atkins.

*Klatch 3 *is now available in page based format. 15 copies are being made available to those on this list-serv. Klatch 3 was assembled on Friday 14th May 2010. It features maps and poems by: Harry Gilonis, Richard Parker, Edmund Hardy, Michael Zand, Jeff Hilson, Tessa Whitehouse, Andrea Brady, slmendoza, Nat Raha, Steve Willey.

More here.

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