Ben Hickman’s If Bird published by Crater and launch

Ben Hickman’s great little Crater booklet If Bird, Then Tree is now available through Lulu – it’s full colour, with a series of great paintings by Oliver Baggott created in response to Hickman’s poems: “If Bird, Then Tree sees birds as one of our most visible signs of connectedness. Less ‘about’ birds than written around them, the sequence explores the world birds find themselves in: the network of relations and conditions they move through, make up and, finally, are made of. If Bird, Then Tree seeks to identify and identify with a nature that capital constantly makes but insistently makes other.” It’ll be £12 and you can get it through the website now. Use this code at purchase and you should get a 15% discount: FWD15

There’ll also be a London launch event with readings from this book and stuff from some other Crater and Craterish poets at Iklectik (Old Paradise Yard, 20 Carlisle Lane, London SE1 7LG) on the 11th of October at about 19.30. There’ll be readings and you’ll also be able to eye Oliver Baggott’s bird paintings.

Ben Hickman’s books include Later Britain (Oystercatcher, 2014) and the critical works John Ashbery and English Poetryand Crisis and the US Avant-Garde (Edinburgh University Press, 2012, 2015). He works at the University of Kent.

Vera Chok has performed her writing widely and has been published in Rising and Transect magazines and by The Brautigan Free Press and Brain Mill Press. A chapbook, scritch, was written in collaboration with Serena Braida and Gloria Sanders, and new work is on the way.

Robert Kiely is the author of How to Read (2017), Killing the Cop in your Head (2017), and Fionn ag aislingeacht (2014).

T. Peeps writes and performs collaboratively with themselves and other Peeps who are not themselves. Recent publications:Entro & Un-love Son-nots Gutteral (2017), the science of poetry • the poetry of science Linus Slug / Peter Manson broadside (2015), and Type Specimen: An Observant Guide To Linus Slug, Contraband, (2014). Collaborative performances include: Poem Factory and the Masque of Ninnies.

£5/£3 contribution

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