Foreigners exhibition at Bury Art Gallery

26 August – 18 November

This summer Bury Art Museum Director Tony Trehy will be curating an exhibition called Foreigners. In a time when borders are closing and foreigners are being treated as unwelcome, the exhibition will survey foreign contemporary artists to show culture is by definition open to ideas from abroad.

The show is not about immigration or refugees or a show about foreignness. It doesn’t romanticise the Foreign as Other. The Foreigners exhibition will be a cultural action that defies fear with hope and keeps open the conversation with foreigners.

Artists include Judas Arrieta, Marianne Eigenheer, Laurence Weiner, Tabita Rezaire, Derek Beaulieu, Rachel Defay-Liautard, Pavel Buchler, Jayne Dyer , Helmut Lemke, Dinu Li, Satomi Matoba, Riiko Sakkinen, Marton Koppany, Brigitte Jurack and Ulrich Rückriem.

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