Storm and Golden Sky

Friday 25th November 2016. 7.30 (entrance £5) The Caledonia, (in Liverpool’s Georgian Quarter on the edge of Catharine Street and Caledonia Street: up the steep stairs at the back of the bar room).

Linda Stupart and Allen Fisher 

Allen Fisher has been involved in performance and poetry since 1962. A poet, painter, publisher, editor and art historian, he has produced more than 140 chapbooks and books of poetry, graphic and art documentation. He currently edits Spanner, lives in Hereford, and is Emeritus Professor of Poetry and Art at Manchester Metropolitan University. He has exhibited paintings in many shows, including one-man shows in London, 2003, and Hereford, 2013.

Visit Allen Fisher’s website

PLACE was Allen Fisher’s now somewhat legendary poetic project of the 1970s. Originally published over several years as a series of interconnecting books, virtually all of them now unobtainable, it incorporated influences from Blake, Olson, Pope, Wordsworth, Robert Kelly, Walter Benjamin, Jung, Dickens, Foucault, Wilhelm Reich, Marxism, the Situationists, conceptual art and researches in mythology, linguistics, psychology, mathematics, immunology, topography, zoology and much else – and yet remains unclassifiable.

The poems in the sequence Gravity as a consequence of shape, composed in the period 1982-2006, were previously issued in many journals and small publications and then eventually in three succinct volumes. This collected edition brings all of the poems from the sequence together for the first time into one volume.

Linda Stupart: Artist/Writer/Educator

Virus, her debut Novella, published by ARCADIA_MISSA, is available to buy here & read an excerpt of it here 

OTHER RECENT PUBLICATIONS: Hito Steyerl in Hito Steyel in Parkett. Vol 97/Sex Acts in How to Sleep Faster #6, Arcadia Missa /Walking the Street: Slutwalk and the Street in Return to the Street. Edited by Sofie Fuggle and Tom Henri. Pavement Books. Chris Kraus and the Empathetic Exchange of Objects in You Must Make Your Death Public: selected writing on Chris Kraus. Edited by Mira Mater. Mute./ Things Like Us and Them in …ment Journal. /Rematerialising Feminismadia Missa Press.  in Rematerialising Feminism. ARCADI_MISSA/ National Velvetin Eros: Woman Edition. Eros PressUntitled piece in Oh Wicked Flesh! Edited by Joseph Noonan-Ganley. South London Gallery.Friday in Idioglossia: an Art Writing Glossary. Edited by Joseph Noonan-Ganley. Hato Press. Old Wounds, Fresh Meat: A Year in South African Art in Art Review, September  2012./ Entanglement: A Love Story Set at dOCUMENTA 13. Art South Africa, Vol 5: issue 3.

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