Storm and Golden Sky

7.30 (entrance £5)

At The Caledonia

(in the Georgian Quarter on the edge of Catharine Street and Caledonia Street: up the steep stairs at the back of the bar room)

 Andrea Brady and Yvonne Riddick on 28th October

Andrea Brady was born in Philadelphia in 1974, and has lived in the UK since 1996. She is the director of the Archive of the Now (, and co-publisher of Barque Press. Her publications include Vacation of a Lifetime (Salt, 2001), Embrace(Object Permanence, 2005), and the hypertext verse essay Wildfire (, 2006). Recent work The Strong Room (London: Crater Press, 2016, 66pp) was preceded by Cut from The Rushes (Hastings: Reality Street, 2013, 134pp). Mutabililty: Scripts for Infancy (London, New York and Calcutta: Seagull Books) was published in 2012. She has performed throughout the UK, Europe and US. Widely published in small magazines, Andrea teaches Renaissance and contemporary literature at Queen Mary, where she is Professor of Poetry. She lives in London.

Yvonne Reddick is a poet and academic researcher. She was a Wordsworth Trust mentee in 2014 and won a Northern Writer’s Award in 2016. She has published poetry pamphlets with Seapressed and with Knives, Forks and Spoons Press. Her collaborative art and poetry exhibition Deerhart has toured to galleries in Cambridge and Preston, and will travel to Edinburgh in late 2017.

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