Poetry Tour of Nunhead Cemetery

Saturday 27 August, 2016, 2:15 PM. Free. Nunhead Cemetery, Linden Grove Entrance, London SE15 3LP

Who was known as the ‘Laureate of the Babies’? Who was sent off to tour the world by Charles Dickens? Who welcomed Garibaldi to her home in Peckham? Who introduced a magazine called ‘Fun’ to a Victorian readership? Find out on this free tour of Nunhead Cemetery, enjoying the beautiful surroundings and hearing more about why the Victorians moved their cemeteries to the suburbs. A perfect way to find out more about poetry and experience London’s heritage. Meet at 2.15pm at the Linden Grove entrance to the cemetery.

The tour is led by Tim Stevenson of the Friends of Nunhead Cemetery and Chris McCabe. More here.

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