Stuart Calton – a preview

Stuart Calton will perform at the next Other Room on 13th April. For a flavour of his work, listen to Blepharospasms, above with more information about Stuart below and on his own website. The other performers are Gary Fisher, Linda Kemp and Rosanne Robertson. Previews of all three will appear here over the next few weeks.

Bio.: Stuart Calton is a poet based in Manchester.  He is also the musician THF Drenching.  His first few books were published by Barque Press in Brighton.  The best Barque ones are “Three Reveries” (2010) and “The torn instructions for no trebuchet” (2013) which are kind of love poems that deal with clams, Goethe, Amiri Baraka, sex, Melanie Klein, the repetition compulsion and loss.  His latest two books are self-published on own his imprint Drentpaper, part of his record label Council Of Drent. They are “Live At Late Dilated Ileum” (2015), a sequence about hernias, St Lucy of Syracuse, anality, a marmoset and several imaginary pubs, and his latest “Blepharospasms” (2016), which deals with dream interpretation, masochism, masculinity, Henri Rey, reparation, mania and 2Pac becoming a jellyfish.  It also features an ill-tempered stream of abuse directed indiscriminately at all drone music.  ENJOY HIS WORK.

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