Praxis – new reading series in London


PRAXIS is an innovative poetry and sound art series curated by Simon Pomery and Lala Thorpe of the Parasol unit foundation for contemporary art, as part of the Poetics Research Centre Events at Royal Holloway. The inaugural PRAXIS will be held at Parasol on Thursday the 3rd of March, 2016, 7-9pm.

Maja Jantar is a multilingual and polysonic voice artist living in Ghent, Belgium, whose work spans the fields of performance, music theatre, poetry and visual arts. A co-founder of the group Krikri, she has been giving individual and collaborative performances throughout Europe and experimenting with poetic sound works since 1995 – weaving operatic, poetic, noise, and abstract influences together to vocal sound works.

Sharon Gal – Artist, vocal experimentalist, musician, composer, and founding member of Resonance 104.4 FM. Her solo works have been released by Ash International/ Paradigm records/ Chocolate Monk / Emanem / Ecstatic Yod /American Tapes & The Tapeworm Labels, with the recent Voice Studies, on My Dance the Skull.

Steven J Fowler is a poet, artist, curator & vanguardist. He has published multiple collections of poetry and been commissioned by Tate Modern, the British Council, Tate Britain, Highlight Arts, Mercy, Penned in the Margins, the London Sinfonietta and the Wellcome Collection with Hubbub group. He is the poetry editor of 3am magazine, curator of the Enemies project, and teaches at Kingston University. Enthusiasm was published by Test Centre in 2015.

Will Montgomery makes electronic music, sound art and field recordings. His musical pieces explore aural texture and narrative. He also constructs compositions from sequences of treated or untreated field recordings. He has released work on the Entr’acte, nonvisualobjects, Cathnor and Winds Measure labels.

Robert Hampson’s collections of poetry include: Degrees of Addiction, A Necessary Displacement, A City at War, Seaport, and C for Security. His selected poems, Assembled Fugitives, was published by Stride in 2000. He runs the Royal Holloway Poetics Research Centre with Redell Olson, Will Montgomery, and Kristen Kreider.

Gareth Damian Martin is a writer and artist whose work combines experimental narrative structures with procedural writing and interactive design. He has performed at Penned in the Margins’ EVP Sessions and as part of Rich Mix’s Small Story / Big City programme. His condensed novel TH_READ is available

Simon Pomery is a poet and musician researching a PhD in innovative poetry and thought process at Royal Holloway. He has taught interdisciplinary poetry workshops in collaboration with Parasol exhibitions since 2013. His work as Blood Music is released on Diagonal Records. His pamphlet of poems, The Stream, was published by tall-lighthouse.

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