Materials reading series – Danny Hayward

The thirteenth reading in the Materials Reading Series will take place on Saturday 24th October in the Judith E. Wilson Drama Studio, English Faculty, University of Cambridge, 7 for 7.30pm. This is the launch event for DANNY HAYWARD’s book ‘Pragmatic Sanction’.


Danny Hayward is the author of People (Mountain Press, 2013) and Two Essays: Best and Worst in Poetry / Perfect Capitalism (Veer, 2012). His essays include ‘Adventures in the Sausage Factory: A Cursory Overview of UK University Struggles, November 2010 – July 2011’ and ‘John Maynard Nothing’ in Mute (2012), and ‘The Essential Standpoint of Man: An Autopsy, in Three Parts’ in World Picture Journal (2011).

‘Pragmatic Sanction’ is A Long Dramatic Monologue about recent developments in population control and work enforcement, done up as a chase sequence involving a mysterious booming sound, a side-scrolling pig’s head, and a lucky number seven, and featuring an extended cameo by the brain structure primarily responsible for coordinating stress response in humans and other animals.

“The conclusion is theoretically wrong. But before that, in the run-up to it, on the road to hell with the first door that exits from a pipe protruding upwards in the vicinity of the third door leading onwards into a highway with a person standing in it, call it me or you.”


Copies of the book will be on sale.

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